10 Celebs Who Are Secretly Genius


Growing up, my mama always preached that being intelligent is far more important than being beautiful. I was never entirely convinced until I experienced firsthand how beauty fades with age. Some celebrities are lucky enough to be both good looking (for now) and incredibly smart.

I’m not a big fan of those starlets who took pride in being part of the “dumb blonde” epidemic of the early 00’s (namely, Paris Hilton.) Celebrities are role models and they need to take responsibility for their influence on kids. If a young girl grows up truly believing that being dumb is attractive, trouble will most likely ensue all of her life.

My cats are prettier than most people, but I make sure that they know that they need to be smart. End result? They sass me a lot, but that’s not a problem, considering the fact that it’s an indication that I have raised them well. And no, they’re not disrespectful, they just know what they want, how they want it.

Here are 10 celebrities that exceeded expectations and are not only really pretty, but are also very smart. Several of these celebs have played dumb characters (very convincingly), so it might come as a surprise to you to find out what geniuses they secretly are.