10 Children Songs With Shocking Secret Meanings


Those of us who have kids know that there is nothing quite as satisfying as spending our time with the little ones, and if most of us could I’m sure we’d make it our full time job. It’s great to see the kids get tuckered out from having fun, and nothing wraps up a day’s worth of playing hard than tucking them in with the lulling sounds of a song. Most children’s songs tell seemingly harmless stories about fictitious characters on a simple journey and learning something along the way, but real life is not so simple, and these children’s songs actually tell the tales of events which are far more adult!

Over the course of hundreds of years these songs have been edited and published with multiple versions, but with a little digging we can discover their history to shed some light on what they actually mean: and some are just as innocent as they seem. But which songs made for kids are actually concealing their real stories with silly lyrics and fun noises? Here are the top 10 children’s songs that will make you question playing music at bed time.