10 Most Evil Killer Couples


When I was younger, I used to be so fascinated by the thought of living a fast-paced life with a bad boy. Up until now, if a handsome and brooding man told me that he wants me to be the Bonnie to his Clyde, I would say yes—only if the kitties could come, because the kitties are a great asset. They’re amazing with stealth and giving a false sense of security.

Goodness, I’m an old woman. If I committed a petty crime right now, those police officers might not believe that I’m a culprit, mainly because, like my cats, I look innocent. They have no idea how lethal I could become, especially when there’s a sale on vegetables and cat food at the grocery store. The only crimes that I involve myself in are those fictional ones on TV. It’s safer and I really enjoy the banter between the characters. Plus, violence doesn’t solve anything.

The 10 couples that I’m about to talk about committed the worst crime of all, murder. They killed to fulfill their sick and twisted desires, and to show their devotion to one another. Warning: some of the details are disturbing. My kitties are covering their eyes with their paws.