10 Interfaith Celeb Relationships


My parents raised me as a Catholic. Growing up I was a “good” Catholic schoolgirl— I never missed a day at church or Sunday school. Nowadays, I’m more of a Cat-holic than Catholic. I haven’t been practicing that much because of my age and the fact that masses are now broadcasted on television, which allows me to instill some faith onto my kitties while sitting at home.

It’s no longer surprising to see couples of all shapes, sizes, race, and gender walking around town, yet religion is still a sensitive issue. What puzzles me is when people (especially in Hollywood) blame clashing faiths for their breakups. Let me use my old lady wisdom on you, children: True love has no boundaries. One of my cats is a scientologist, but the other kitties still include him in their prayers.

Here are 10 Hollywood couples that looked past faith to be the one they loved (and still love, in a few cases.)