10 Jaw-Droppingly Talented Celebs That Ruined Their Own Careers


Who doesn’t want to be a celebrity? With fortune and fame, many people would sell their soul just for a moment in the spotlight. From big houses and fancy cars to photo shoots, shopping sprees, and having anything you could ever want, the life of the rich and famous seems pretty good, doesn’t it?

While many celebrities have managed to lead fairly honorable lives, maintain their celebrity status and build their careers, the same unfortunately can’t be said for other former A-list celebs. In a world where the spotlight is bright and the criticism is brutal and harsh, some celebrities have difficulty managing their lives, often turning to drugs, alcohol and other deterrents to help them cope with the demands of stardom.

Which stars have ruined their careers and how? We found 10 jaw-droppingly talented celebrities who ruined their careers by letting their fame and fortune slip through their fingers. From rock stars and actors turning into addicts to a celebrity chef’s slip of the tongue, let’s see who squandered away their fame, forever losing the shining grace of the Hollywood spotlight.