10 Most Private Celebrity Couples


It’s difficult to keep a relationship private if you and your partner both work in an industry where public presence and visibility dictate your next paycheck. Back in my day, paparazzi weren’t as rampant as they are now, so celebrities could partake in nightly debaucheries and not get judged so widely. Nowadays, if a celebrity trips on their shoelaces, the world starts mocking them. They have become disposable, which makes things more interesting, in my opinion.

If you don’t have a Twitter or an Instagram account, it automatically disqualifies you from being a “respected” celebrity because you refuse to share your personal life with the rest of the world. My cats have their own social networking accounts because they want their online fans to know what they’re up to. Just recently, Mr. Jingles posted a selfie with this new cat next door, Snowbelle, which he’s currently dating. After a couple of hours, they had a hashtag, #JingleBelle, which attracted a lot of haters because well, Mr. Jingles is a very handsome kitty.

But come on, not everyone wants to live inside a fishbowl (trust me, in a house full of cats, a fishbowl is the last thing that I want) and have everyone watch your every move. This is why I am amused at these 10 most private celebrity couples—nobody knows their personal business and they keep us wanting more. It’s reverse psychology at its finest: the less they become available, the more we crave for them.