10 Ridiculous Cases of Adult Actors Playing Teenage Roles


Age is just a number, wouldn’t you agree? But, have you ever met someone who doesn’t seem to age no matter how many years have passed? While it’s enough to make you jealous as you look in the mirror and notice your own wrinkles or grey hair, sometimes you just can’t help good genetics.

Thanks to these good genetics and the world of Hollywood, some of our favorite actors actually seem to never age, making them an even greater asset on the silver screen. This means that they aren’t limited in the roles they play, allowing them to be cast as characters who are nearly half of their age! It’s no surprise then, that some of our favorite characters who seem to be in their teens are actually much older – in their late 20s or even in their 30s.

So which actors seem to defy the odds of time? We found 10 of the most ridiculous cases where some of our favorite actors are cast in teenage roles. Will you be shocked to find out the truth? Sit back and relax because some of these age gaps are sure to surprise you!