21 Stars Who Married Their Fans


Dreaming about marrying your celebrity crush is a pretty normal thing: I probably would’ve been divorced 8 times by now if I had the opportunity to date all of my celebrity crushes! Instead of a famous spouse I wound up with 8 cats instead, which quite frankly worked out for the best anyways. Most people scoff at teenagers who proclaim that they’re going to marry Justin Bieber, Harry Styles, or whichever cute guy happens to be famous right now, and I don’t really think that’s fair: if a teen truly believes that they will marry their celebrity crush, then who are we to tell them any different? My cat, Peaches, had such a major crush on Puss in Boots from “Shrek,” and it may or may not have had something to do with Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith’s divorce.

It’s not always the fans chasing after their celebrity crushes: sometimes it’s the other way around, and you can’t blame them because some of these fans are ridiculously attractive. Don’t lose hope about marrying your favorite celeb because they are just like us: they fall in love when they least expect it; just go with the flow and always be in strategic places! These 21 fans really hit the jackpot with their spouses— well, most of them anyways…