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Dreaming about marrying your celebrity crush is a pretty normal thing: I probably would’ve been divorced 8 times by now if I had the opportunity to date all of my celebrity crushes! Instead of a famous spouse I wound up with 8 cats instead, which quite frankly worked out for the best anyways. Most people scoff at teenagers who proclaim that they’re going to marry Justin Bieber, Harry Styles, or whichever cute guy happens to be famous right now, and I don’t really think that’s fair: if a teen truly believes that they will marry their celebrity crush, then who are we to tell them any different? My cat, Peaches, had such a major crush on Puss in Boots from “Shrek,” and it may or may not have had something to do with Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith’s divorce.

It’s not always the fans chasing after their celebrity crushes: sometimes it’s the other way around, and you can’t blame them because some of these fans are ridiculously attractive. Don’t lose hope about marrying your favorite celeb because they are just like us: they fall in love when they least expect it; just go with the flow and always be in strategic places! These 21 fans really hit the jackpot with their spouses— well, most of them anyways…

#21 – Jessica Alba (Cash Warren)

Jessica Alba and Cash Warren have always been so cute together when they’re out and about. Cash is a pretty low-profile guy, but he sure posts a lot of adorable pictures of his family on Instagram. Jessica and Cash met back in 2004 on the set of “Fantastic Four,” wherein Jessica played the role of Sue Storm/Invisible Woman and Cash played the role of…production assistant. That’s right, despite being the son of actor, Michael Warren, Cash is a more reserved type of man. Jessica and Cash were married in 2008, and have two lovely daughters together that pretty much look like miniature versions of their mother.

Well, guys, you should take notes from Cash: he definitely knows how to make one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood swoon (cash has always been a lady’s best friend). Alba’s marriage goes to show you that you can find love no matter what your profession is: you just have to somehow get within eye shot of an incredibly attractive celeb and wait for the sparks to fly!

#20 – Ruben Studdard (Zuri McCants)

In 2003 the reigning champ of “American Idol” was Ruben Studdard, resulting in a ton of outraged fans accusing the show of being rigged; despite the nasty allegations Ruben generated quite the following, and five years later he would find himself marrying a fan. Zuri McCants fell in love with Studdard when she saw him performing for the first time on the hit show, but she never thought she would have the opportunity to ever meet the singer in real life: boy was she in for a surprise.

Zuri originally met her future husband at a CD signing in 2006 at a Wal-Mart in Atlanta; how many people can honestly say they met their spouse in a Wal-Mart of all places!? Studdard and Zuri were married only two years later, and their marriage lasted for three years before they filed for divorce. It seems like you need a little more than an outstanding voice to base a marriage on, and Studdard lamented that “it’s always a shame when young love doesn’t last.”

#19 – John Travolta (Kelly Preston)

These two seem to get a lot of flak for their involvement with the Church of Scientology, but I mean that pretty much describes every Scientologist out there. Many people don’t know, however, that Travolta and Preston are one of the most solid Hollywood couples in existence; married for about 23 years, John Travolta and Kelly Preston have braved their way through several obstacles that would cripple most marriages, including the death of their son, Jett, back in 2009.

John and Kelly first met in 1987 while filming “The Experts;” John was immediately smitten with Kelly, but he couldn’t make a move because she was married to someone else at that time: after her marriage ended, Kelly dated both George Clooney and Charlie Sheen. In 1990 John and Kelly met by chance once again in Vancouver, and started dating shortly after; John didn’t waste any time and proposed to Kelly only 6 months after they reconnected. Kelly has admitted that John “always said he waited” for her, and that when she was 16 she wanted to marry him after she saw “Grease.”

#18 – Anne Hathaway (Adam Shulman)

Hathaway found love early in her career but received an unpleasant surprise when federal agents busted into her home to arrest her husband to be: it turned out that Hathaway’s future husband was actually an infamous money launder who was attempting to drain her bank account for everything she had. After Anne’s unfortunate marriage fiasco she was determined to stay single, but that very same year her friends introduced her to Adam and she fell in love all over again, and this time it was with a regular Joe Schmoe.

Hathaway and Shulman were married four years after they met, and Anne said that it has been the most genuine and wonderful relationship she has ever had: her husband is a massive fan of her work, and she has never felt so appreciated in her life. Adam never thought he would have a shot with someone so attractive and talented, but Anne feels like she is the lucky one in this arrangement: stating that after her first failed marriage she is eternally grateful to find someone she can feel so comfortable with.

#17 – Chris Martin (Gwyneth Paltrow)

Being the daughter of two Hollywood figures like Blythe Danner and Bruce Paltrow, you wouldn’t picture Gwyneth to be someone who gushed about the lead singer of a band. Contrary to what you might think, Gwyneth had actually been a long-time fan of Chris Martin and his band, Coldplay; she finally met Chris backstage at one of his shows in 2002. Paltrow was very nervous to meet Martin at first, but ended up snagging the British crooner and marrying him for 10 years.

During the time the two first met, Gwyneth’s father had just passed away: to help her cope, Chris wrote the song “Fix You.” Martin and Paltrow have a lovely back story to their whole relationship, but am I the only one who cringed when she called their divorce a “conscious uncoupling?” Did their marital troubles turn Gwyneth into a hipster? Gwyneth Paltrow never struck me as the kind of gal who would hang around coffee shops and listen to indie bands, but perhaps I read her wrong.

#16 – Elvis Presley (Priscilla Presley)

During Elvis Presley’s prime he could have had any woman he wanted: the guy was so popular that women would literally faint when they saw him. Despite being the hottest thing since sliced bread, Elvis wasn’t really looking for love, and instead chose to live quietly at his place in Bad Nauheim. Priscilla Wagner was propositioned by her friends (who just so happened to be close with the megastar) if she’d fancy meeting Elvis, and of course she jumped at the opportunity: the two very quickly fawned over one another.

Presley wound up playing music for Priscilla in an attempt to win her affection, and after she left she had a hard time concentrating in her classes; Elvis received a lot of negative attention for his courting of her because she was only 14 at the time, but according to him love had no boundaries. Eight years after they first met Priscilla Wagner would become Priscilla Presley, and what started as a young girl’s celebrity crush wound up being her future husband… if Presley had pulled that kind of stunt these days he’d be singing the “Folsom Prison Blues.”

#15 – Nicolas Cage (Alice Kim)

Nic Cage is mocked by a wide range of people due to his antics and odd acting style, but I honestly think he’s just a misunderstood evil genius who just doesn’t have the proper medium to express his creativity; that being said, the back story of his relationship with his wife, Kim, seems to imply that he is actually a good man deep down.

Alice was a waitress in Los Angeles when she met Nic in 2004; people gave them a lot of heat due to the fact that she was “just a waitress” and he was essentially Hollywood royalty, but the heart wants what the heart wants, and Cage wouldn’t be dissuaded; they both got the last laugh when they tied the knot later that year. Shotgun wedding? Not exactly, because they’re still together to this day and the two share a son together. It was probably Alice’s beautiful facial features that convinced Nic to stick around (for a waitress she really had it going on).

#14 – Julia Roberts (Daniel Moder)

It takes a pretty big crew to turn a screenplay into a feature length film, and by the time a movie is finished most stars can hardly remember the names of anyone they’ve met: this would prove to be the exact opposite of what happened to Julia Roberts. In 2000 Roberts was filming her most recent film, “The Mexican,” when she bumped into Daniel Moder who was working as a cameraman: the two quickly developed a fancy for one another, and soon after the two started seeing one another outside of work.

Two years after Julia and Daniel first laid eyes on one another they were walking down the aisle together , and the two have been happily married ever since. Daniel is currently living the dream: he is married to a beautiful actress whose work he absolutely adores. The craziest part about Julia and Daniel’s story is that when they first met one another they were both already taken; Daniel filed for a divorce and Roberts left a three year long relationship: it’s crazy what spontaneous passionate love can do to you!

#13 – Matt Damon (Luciana Bozán Barroso)

Most of Matt Damon’s ex-girlfriends have been very “Hollywood,” and were either actresses or had worked in the film industry prior. When Matt was stationed in Miami back in 2003 while filming “Stuck on You,” he met an Argentinian bartender named Luciana Bozán Barroso who helped him to escape a group of fans from mobbing him; everyone was shocked that Damon was interested in such a normal person because one of his previous girlfriends was Winona freaking Ryder.

Even if Luciana is every bit as beautiful as Winona is, people were still incredibly cruel towards her because of her non-Hollywood background. Matt and Luciana ignored all negative views of their relationship and got married in December of 2005 in a private civil ceremony; eight years later they renewed their wedding vows in a much more lavish ceremony in St. Lucia. Damon and Barroso have 4 daughters together, one of which was from a previous relationship of Luciana’s and was subsequently adopted by Matt, so he is certainly one heck of an upstanding guy!

#12 – Wiz Khalifa (Amber Rose)

Amber Rose is certainly no stranger to dating celebrities: prior to her marriage to Wiz Khalifa she has shacked up with Kanye West, Reggie Bush, Eddie Murphy, Aubrey Graham, and a whole bunch of other stars (there’s just something about her I guess). Rose didn’t hesitate talking to the press about how much she loved Wiz’s music, and not long after she finally got her chance to meet the famous rapper. When Rose was first introduced to Wiz after attending a concert she told him how much of a fan she was, and it didn’t take much convincing for him to start pursuing her: the two wound up getting married shortly after.

After four years of marriage it seemed like Rose had finally decided which celeb she was going to stay with, but she shocked the world in 2014 when she filed for a divorce. Since the news of Wiz’s broken marriage came out of left field people were looking for answers, the most likely of which was that Rose had cheated on him with Nick Cannon. I’m seriously starting to humor the idea that Amber Rose might be a witch or something, because the only explanation I have for countless celebrity relationships is some kind of love magic.

#11 – Kelsey Grammer (Kayte Walsh)

Kelsey is one of those people who I’d love to invite to tea just so I could listen to him talk. Why? Because the poor man has had too much tragedy in his life, and he’s bound to be full of words of wisdom. Kayte Walsh was a flight attendant from the United Kingdom, and is 25 years younger than Kelsey Grammer: I can sense some people rolling their eyes at the facts of their relationship, but seeing how happy the two of them are, who are we to judge their relationship on an age gap alone?

Back in 2012 Grammer and Walsh announced that they were expecting twins, although when it was time to deliver them, only one, Faith Evangeline Elisa, came out; her twin brother died in utero. Before the loss of their son, Kayte’s previous pregnancy ended in miscarriage. Despite the unfortunate events surrounding Grammer and Walsh’s relationship, the couple is always all smiles when they photographed together: what an incredibly positive pair.

#10 – Tom Brady (Giselle Bundchen)

Let’s be honest here, what female Patriots fan out there wouldn’t marry Tom Brady? Even fans of rival teams would line up to get Tom’s number: the guy practically has his pick of suitors. Even though Giselle was a fan of his it’s not all that surprising that Brady fancied her… Bundchen is a model after all; the two met at a party after they were introduced to one another through mutual friends, and they knew right away that they had just met their future spouse.

Brady and Giselle’s marriage hasn’t been all peaches and cream: shortly after the two started dating, it was revealed that Tom’s ex girlfriend was pregnant with his child; the two agreed that this was something they could work through, and Bundchen took on a motherly role that made Brady fall even more madly in love with her. In recent years there have been some divorce rumors regarding Brady and Giselle’s marriage, and the two did admit that they had hit some bumps, but they are both committed to working through their differences: I’d say their marriage can be marked as a touchdown.

#9 – Adam Sandler (Jacqueline Samantha Titone)

I’ve noticed that (overall) comedians tend to have the lengthiest marriages as far as Hollywood stars are concerned; I think the saying that you should choose someone funny rather than someone good looking probably holds up: a good example of this is Adam Sandler and his wife Jackie. Jackie used to be a fashion model, while Adam got his start on one of the most influential comedy shows of all time, “Saturday Night Live.”

Their mutual friend, Rob Schneider, introduced them to one another; she was a fan of Adam’s earlier works and was ecstatic when he offered her a small part in his upcoming film, “Big Daddy.” Things were getting pretty serious between Sandler and Titone in 2000, so much so that Jackie actually converted to Judaism in order to be closer to Adam’s heritage. Even if they’ve been married since 2003, it seems like Adam still has the hots for his wife: especially if you get a chance to see their candid photos together.

#8 – Steve Harvey (Marjorie Harvey)

Steve Harvey certainly isn’t for everyone, as his views are often a bit more than questionable, but he has still become quite popular as both a comedian and a host for “Family Feud.” Before Harvey was a huge celeb he was just a run of the mill performer at small comedy clubs, and had built up a bit of a cult following for himself; Marjorie attended Harvey’s act in 1990, and during the middle of his performance he told her that he would marry her one day (which I’m sure got a handful of laughs from the crowd).

It turns out that Steve wasn’t joking, and fifteen years later the two reconnected after an incredible coincidence; they dated for two years before they got married. Steve Harvey may not be as wealthy or famous as some A-list star, but it’s still an incredible story to hear about someone falling head over heels for an audience member; Harvey is so swept away by his partner that he published a book dedicated to his wife, and has begun promoting her as a part of his talk show, as an example of what the perfect partner looks like.

#7 – Jerry Seinfeld (Jessica Sklar)

Jerry and Jessica’s relationship began with an immense amount of criticism due to the fact that they began dating mere weeks after she came back from the honeymoon of her first marriage. Since she was such a big fan of Jerry’s, Jessica was absolutely delighted when they first met. Unbeknownst to the public, Jessica was in a troubled relationship that ended in a very brief marriage: she credits Jerry as the primary reason why she was able to muster the strength to get over her failed marriage and move on.

Despite the criticisms it seems like Seinfeld and Skylar are rather happy with each other. Jerry has even said that: “If it wasn’t for Jess and the kids, I’d really blow my brains out. Jessica saved my life. She gave me something to care about.” It seems like nothing makes such a big impact on the health of a marriage than being able to cheer up your significant other during their time of need. Clearly Jerry and Jessica complement each other’s personalities perfectly; I should find myself a comedian, they seem like lovely spouses.

#6 – Patrick Dempsey (Jillian Fink)

For all intents and purposes Jillian Fink is a rather unaccomplished actress, and yet despite that she managed to land one of the hottest men in Hollywood. You might be thinking that Dempsey and Fink met on set and fell madly in love but story is actually much weirder than that: Patrick actually had an appointment with Jillian so that she could cut his hair! Jillian must be insanely good at small talk because she managed to land a date with her favorite actor, and everything after that is history.

Jillian continued to serve as Patrick’s stylist after they married, but it doesn’t seem likely that she’ll be cutting his hair for much longer: Patrick was involved in a rather inappropriate relationship with a co-star and now he faces a divorce! Apparently Dempsey wasn’t as big of a fan of his wife as she was of him, and now the two are leaving their marriage on terrible terms: sometimes the person of your dreams isn’t everything they’re cracked up to be.

#5 – Conan O’Brien (Elizabeth Ann Powel)

Elizabeth was a senior copywriter for “Foote, Cone & Belding” when she first visited the set of “Late Night with Conan O’Brien,” and she had simply been tasked with overlooking an advertisement skit for the company; the moment that Conan saw her sitting in the audience, he knew right away that she was “the one,” and didn’t waste any time in asking her out. Heck, I might even check NBC’s archives just to see if his reaction upon seeing her in the crowd was caught on camera.

Eighteen months after Conan randomly saw Elizabeth’s face in the audience he married her: they had a quaint ceremony in Seattle. Conan and Elizabeth have two kids together now (Neve and Beckett), and it’s the most important part of their lives; As much as they love one another they have said that nothing brings them greater joy than their children do. Well then… Powel sure is lucky: I’ve been in the audience of so many shows and I’m still waiting for someone to swoop me off my feet; at this rate my cats will get married before I do.

#4 – Tobey Maguire (Jennifer Meyer)

Tobey Maguire has always been more of a shy and awkward actor, but that didn’t stop him from generating some rather hardcore female fans. While Maguire was on the set for “Seabiscuit” in 2003 he was introduced to Meyer; at the time she was just a jewelry designer, but only three years later they would become husband and wife. Jennifer was a huge fan of Tobey’s work, and since he probably doesn’t have very many of those he knew he had to quickly put a ring on that!

Jennifer and her celebrity husband now have two kids together (Ruby and Otis), and have had one of the longest marriages on this list: the two have never been happier and the strong bond they share is honestly quite inexplicable. Meyer is still in the jewelry business to this day, although she doesn’t have to work all that much: she has instead dedicated her time towards raising her kids and spending time with her family. Tobey isn’t quite what it was that made him swoon so hard over his wife when they just met; sometimes love just don’t make sense… just like Spiderman 3.

#3 – Christian Bale (Sibi Blazic)

Out of all the entries on this list I feel like this one is the most unfair: I mean who isn’t a fan of Christian Bale? Bale is one of those actors who could date anyone he wanted to, I mean the guy is a wealthy and talented man who just so happens to be insanely attractive and have an incredible accent: what more could you ask for? Apparently Sibi Blazic agrees with me because immediately after she met Bale for the first time she was absolutely mesmerized by him.

Sibi was the personal assistant of Winona Ryder, one of Bale’s co-stars, and only two months and after she and Bale were formerly introduced they eloped to Vegas to get married. Things have certainly changed since Bale and Sibi tied the knot: she has since become a stunt driver and two have worked together on films like “The Dark Night.” Ironically Bale and Sibi made headlines recently when Bale admitted that she forced him to give up motorcycles: I guess a stunt driver knows best how capable her spouse is behind the wheel.

#2 – Tom Cruise (Katie Holmes)

Katie Holmes first started out as Joey Potter in the TV series, “Dawson’s Creek.” Ever since Katie was a young girl she was a big fan of Tom’s, but who isn’t, really? Even if Cruise is a bit peculiar, there’s no denying that he has devastatingly good looks. Weeks after Katie first met Tom he took her on a trip to Rome, and the media went crazy with excitement over their relationship: they were such an unlikely couple that I actually had to double check if the rumors were true.

On one hand we have Katie, who was recognizable but not famous enough to land a spot on the covers of the tabloids, and on the other hand we have Tom, who was constantly being followed by the media (including his very high-profile relationships). What is it that caused them to fall in love? They had absolutely no idea! Sadly Holmes and Cruise parted ways in 2012; their break-up caused a media frenzy, and it sparked rumors that Tom’s association with the Church of Scientology was too much for Katie to handle.

#1 – Reese Witherspoon (Jim Toth)

You should always hope that your spouse advocates for you, but when it comes to the marriage of Reese Witherspoon and Jim Toth, it’s literally in his job description! Toth works at the agency that promotes Witherspoon, which means that she fell head over heels for him while he was in the middle of kissing her rear end (I can’t think of a more romantic way to meet); after a few interactions they began seeing one another outside of work, and then got married in 2011.

Witherspoon certainly understood how their marriage looks on the surface, which is why she made sure that they tied the knot privately: she arrange for a special service at her ranch estate in Ojai, California, where she knew they could be alone. Surprisingly the entire length of Reese and Jim’s wedding was only 20 minutes, but they did have an hour to drink alcohol before they said their “I do’s.” I wish more couples had a clause that before they made any big decisions they have a dedicated hour for cocktails: so many bad decisions could be avoided!

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