10 Times Justin Bieber Took Douchebaggery To A Whole New Level


I’ve always heard that Canadians are the nicest people in the world. There’s truth to that because one of my cats, Peaches, is from Canada and she’s just a little sweetheart. Peaches is extra cuddly and very good with her kitty siblings, but I’ve noticed that she gets a bit nervous whenever she hears or sees Justin Bieber. This is why I’ve made a conclusion that he’s probably just faking that he’s Canadian because he certainly doesn’t act like one!

Don’t get me wrong; I think the Bieb’s is a handsome boy with a lot of talent and potential in him. However, with the way he’s been acting lately, it’s like he needs to be sent to Bible Camp for fifteen summers—that is how appalled I am. Sure, everyone has a rebellious phase where they act out and do unspeakable things, but Justin Bieber has done so many of these things that my reaction has went from, “Well, poor boy just wants to fit in!” to “Does your mother know what you’re doing with your life?”

If you ask Justin Bieber’s fans if there’s justifiable reasons behind his bad behavior, they’ll come up will millions to support him. He’s a god to these teenage girls, and it’s only a matter of time until the Bieb’s decides to turn them into an army of assassins. Well, the Old Cat Lady is here to serve some truth to these young girls—I’m laying down the 10 Times Justin Bieber Took Douchebaggery To a Whole New Level. But fear not, I think this boy still has some hope left in him.