10 Worst Dressed Celebrities


I was browsing through my Facebook feed the other day when I saw the latest “fad” in the fashion world: crotch-less pants and shorts for men. Seriously. I think I heard some of the cats laugh when they saw it as well. I’m trying to convince myself that the reason why I don’t understand fashion nowadays is because I’m old. But no, some clothes on the catwalk and on the backs of celebrities are just downright horrible. And to think that some of these pieces are disgustingly expensive! I’d give up all of my cats before I’d spend $200 on a plain white shirt that’s going to end up looking like a rag in a few years.

Whatever happened to a good ‘ol dress for the ladies and a nice shirt and pair of pants for the lads? Hollywood, what did you do to these 10 worst dressed celebrities? I don’t have a lot of money like them, but I do know how to dress the cats and myself decently.

Don’t get me wrong; there are a lot of good-looking and well-dressed people in Tinsel Town. However, there are the other ones who need to fire their stylists. Are these celebrities blind? Can they not afford a mirror? I am simply baffled with their reasons and choices!