12 Celebrity Instagrams You Should Check Out


Instagram is one of the “essential” apps that you should have on your iPhone. Most of my cats have Instagram accounts and they’ve all gained a decent amount of followers. Personally, I only use my account to stalk celebrities, and of course, to double-tap the photos and videos that my cats post. I’m not really that much of a selfie person because I can’t extend my arms too much due to arthritis.

I like looking at celeb accounts because I get to see their cute and pudgy babies and their lifestyles in general. Of course, some stars take way too many selfies, but who am I to complain? My cats always take selfies. I’ve spent far too much money on camera extenders for their smartphones. Seriously, those things don’t come cheap if you’re in a house full of sweet but conceited cats.

There’s just something about Instagram that completes my day. After scouring through celebrity news sites all day, you just want the direct dish from the celebs themselves, you know? It’s much better and I can easily make a comment that may or may not be nice. Hey, maybe one of these days, I’ll start posting photos on my account so I can get into Hollywood. (I really, really want a reality show for the kitties and myself.)

Here are 12 celebrity Instagram accounts that you should check out— they’re very interesting and fun to look at!