15 Most Annoying Celeb Couples Ever


Even though I’m single and I’ve never been married, I’m not one of those bitter old ladies that scoff every time she sees a couple holding hands walking down the street. I actually think it’s very sweet. Then there are those other couples that are all over each other in public (ain’t nobody wanna see that), or over-share the details of their relationship.

Hollywood is known as a place where relationships go to die. Not a lot of couples survive the journey, but some of those that do brag endlessly about their happiness and think that everyone should be jealous of them. These are the couples that my cats and I dislike very, very much.

Oh, I’ve had my fair share of lovers throughout my life. I know the feeling of being in love, being wooed, and holding someone’s hand for hours on end. But when things get too steamy, you’ve got to get a room. These 15 most annoying celeb couples ever have shown us too much PDA or are (or were) just too happy together.