15 Things Americans Actually Believe


“Oh beautiful for spacious skies, for amber waves of grain…” The United States of America is home to the biggest melting pot of citizens in the world who can trace their lineage across the globe all while living the American dream. An incredibly diverse nation rich in culture and heritage, the Land of the Free is also home to a variety of opinions and beliefs that have been known to create friction among the country’s nearly 350 million citizens.

While most Americans are quick to rally together under the red, white and blue to share their love of the nation, that doesn’t mean they don’t disagree on even the most basic things such as science, the weather, politics and religion. In a land where freedom rings especially when it comes to free speech, some Americans have dedicated their lives to standing proudly on their platforms of some of the most outrageous beliefs imaginable.

So what are some of the crazier things that American people actually believe? We took a look at several polls conducted over the years to see how many Americans believed in strange things like the occult, alien life, ghosts, mind control and more! Get ready for the wild, wacky and unpredictable as we take a look at 15 of the strangest things Americans actually believe!