32 Celebs That Died Without the Media Noticing


A world-renown celebrity passing away is considered to be a huge national story: who could forget when they heard the news that Michael Jackson had passed away, or when Elvis passed to the lamentation of our older generations; the news stories of celeb deaths tend to stick around for quite a while and dominate headlines for weeks at a time, but that’s not always the case when a celebrity permanently retires. There are some celebs whose deaths seem to go by unnoticed: whether it is the result of their dying popularity, or circumstances that prevent media outreach, the fact is these stars didn’t get the send off they deserved; some of these people were never huge stars, but most were popular enough to (at the very bare minimum) be considered “famous.”

When celebrities pass away outside of the primetime spotlight they might not make the national news, and their death slips through the cracks before fading into relative obscurity. But throughout the years which celebrities have passed away without any national attention from the media? Some of these deaths may come as a surprise to you!. Here are the top 32 celebrities who died without so much as a proper mention, but at least somebody is giving them the attention they deserve.