32 Celebs That Died Without the Media Noticing


#32 – Teena Marie

Mary Brockert was better known by music fans as Teena Marie, a calling card that originated from her nickname, Tina. Marie became a big hit on the R&B charts when she was signed by Motown records, with some of her biggest hits being “Square Biz,” “Lovergirl,” and “Ooo La La La.” Teena Marie was well known for her deep, rich, and soulful vocals, which were known to evoke incredibly emotional reactions from her fans; nothing would tear up her fans more, however, than what happened next in her career.

During a hotel stay in 2004 a picture frame tragically fell on Teena out of nowhere, collided with her head, and resulted in her experiencing severe seizures for the remainder of her life, which sadly came to an end in 2010, at the age of 54, due to (would you believe it?) natural causes. Teena’s death was discovered by her daughter, Alia Rose, who became a singer like her mother, but by the time Marie was discovered it was too late: she was already gone.