18 Stars Who Died Tragically While Filming


From camera crews and special effects to lighting, sound and late night rehearsals, not everything always goes according to plan on movie sets. In fact, bad things happen even in Hollywood as cast and crew members face life-threatening tragedies that completely interrupt film production and life as they know it.

Whether it’s a tragic accident or even an unexpected illness, movie sets have seen their fair share of devastation that leave cast and crew members to cope with heavy hearts as they live by the motto, “The show must somehow go on.” But, exactly what kind of tragedy do we mean?

The history of Hollywood is filled with a wide variety of accidents simply because technology and safety standards were obsolete and even uncommon at the time. Thanks to today’s technological advancements and digital filmmaking, movie sets have become much safer than in decades past. However, tragedies still occur – people drown, get hurt, are shot, or have unforeseen medical issues. Life happens in Hollywood.

Today, we’re taking a look at Hollywood history by sharing with you 18 celebrities who died tragically while in the middle of filming. From early Hollywood stars and stunt pilots to martial artists and comedians, these celebs lost their lives far too soon leaving Hollywood with one less star on the illustrious red carpet. Let’s get started!