20 Celebs That Failed Miserably Trying to Have Music Careers


Lights! Camera! Action! From the red carpet and the basketball court to the music arena or the stage, some of the world’s favorite celebrities have attempted to branch out from their careers to pursue other talents in the industry. Whether it’s an actor going into modeling or an athlete trying his hand at acting, celebrities often look to spread their wings and try their talents elsewhere. Why not?

One of the most interesting and most common transitions that celebrities often make is when they go from acting, modeling or athletics into the world of music. While actors and models have on-stage presence and athletes have great skill, it’s often hard to watch these celebrities gain their footing in the harshly critical world of music where perfection is key. Yet, many celebs have proven they are up for the challenge.

However, just because you’re one of the highest paying celebs or most awarded athletes doesn’t mean you can carry a tune. After all, not everyone is like Jim Belushi or Jeff Bridges, both of whom have been praised for their crossover careers in music. Instead, the majority end up as quite the opposite: complete disasters, duds, flops and failures. Don’t believe us?

Stay tuned because we found 20 celebs who failed miserably while trying to launch their music careers. From former Olympic athletes and Golden Globe winning actresses to sci-fi icons and comedians, these celebs and their terrible musical misadventures are sure to entertain!