20 Famous People That Actually Married Their Cousins


It’s all in the family…or, maybe not! While “keeping it in the family” is fine and dandy when it comes to money or secrets, it is a little more than odd and even creepy when it comes to someone’s love life. These days, marrying or dating anyone that’s even closely related to you is considered to be one of the most ultimate taboos but, it actually used to be quite common. Ok, stay with us and we’ll explain!

Today, when you think of someone who marries their cousin, you probably think about some country bumpkin named Cletus who wears overalls and only has a couple of teeth. However, this wasn’t always the case! In early history when the population was much smaller, influential people looked to their family members to find love in order to keep their affluence and money out of the hands of outsiders.

As crazy and creepy as it sounds, many of the world’s greatest icons ended up knowingly marrying a relative. So, which celebs actually kept it in the family when it came to love? From some of our country’s founding fathers to queens, rock stars, present-day politicians and even actors, we found 20 celebs who tied the knot with their cousins. Are you ready? Sit back and relax because some of these names are sure to shock you!