24 Celebs You Had No Idea Had Fake Names


What’s in a name? Are you named after a relative or perhaps your mother’s favorite literary character? Does your name represent a family legacy or your heritage? Whatever your name means, most of us, at one point or another, have wished that we could change our names. Michael wants to be Joseph and Julia wants to be Miranda – isn’t that how the story goes?

When it comes to celebrities, however, it turns out that everything is actually in a name. Selecting the perfect stage name could be a make or break affair as it’s a way to build a new identity among audiences. Celebrities treat their stage names like brand recognition as their audiences and fans will see and recognize their names scrolling on the silver screen or shining brightly on the marquee.

Yet, celebrities are often just like the rest of us in that they’re given pretty normal names. How could their parents possibly know they were destined for the spotlights of Hollywood? Because of this, celebrities often face the dilemma of picking out the perfect stage name while remaining true to their heritage and who they are.

From simple surname switches to mispronounced blunders, we found 24 celebrities who you had no idea were actually using fake names throughout their careers. Will you be shocked to learn the real name behind the celeb? Let’s take a look!