25 Celebrities That Used to be Drug Dealers


Before making it big and living it up in Hollywood, some of your favourite artists and actors had to sell drugs just to make ends meet. Some would take the “street” route – hustling on a corner of a store, waiting for customers to spread their business by word of mouth, praying that they wouldn’t be caught by the police. Others operated on a much larger scale – moving bigger quantities of schedule 1 narcotics over the border, serving a much more lucrative market.

As you read this article you’ll notice that a good percentage of the celebrities listed here come from the hip hop industry. This should come as no surprise, considering how popular the theme of ‘drugs and money’ is in rap culture. That said, other celebrities on this list will blow you away.

While some of these now-stars managed to hustle and grind without ever getting caught, others weren’t so lucky and ended up facing jail time. For most, jail time served as a wake-up call and led to them to pursue other (more legitimate) entrepreneurial avenues. In many cases, their inherent business-minded attitudes have helped kickstart their pop-culture careers, making them much more money than selling drugs ever did.