25 Extreme Home Renos


#25 – Dance to the Music (Before)

Turn up the music! Who hasn’t enjoyed a little karaoke, an impromptu jam session or even a dance party at home with their friends? While most of us use our smartphones, tablets or computers to stream music, there are a select few music lovers who have exclusive access to their own private music studios where loud music isn’t met by calls from unhappy neighbors! One musician in particular—known as robbiearebest on Imgur—decided to take matters into his own hands when he started construction on a private studio in his basement.

Far from easy due to construction issues and financial problems, the project took three years to complete but he pushed forward until he saw his music dreams come true. To save money, robbiearebest cleared out a section of his basement on his own and then hired contractors to hang stud walls in order to lay the foundation for soundproofing the room. Next, the entry door was hung as Roxul insulation was blown into both the walls and ceiling to complete the fire and soundproofing process.