30 Rare Set Photos Secretly Taken While Filming Huge Hits


Lights! Camera! Action! Even though movies have only been around for little more than a century, the film industry has quickly become one of the biggest and most lucrative in the United States and, all for good reason. With memorable characters, incredible storylines and outstanding special effects, films continue to wow audiences like never before.

Often considered a favorite pastime complete with candy and popcorn, movies are a great way to escape from life’s chaos. As fans do just that and immerse themselves in the lives of the characters, the action-packed adventure and the romance, they tend to forget that the final product on the screen is vastly different from the process of making the film itself. In fact, behind the scenes on a movie set usually looks like a different world altogether.

Traveling through movie history, we wanted to show you exactly what we meant and found 30 rare photos secretly taken while filming some of the biggest movies in cinematic history. From the movie industry’s scariest psychopaths and most terrifying monsters to creepy aliens, tragic love stories and epic tales of adventure, grab the popcorn and join us for a sneak peek into life behind the magical movie curtains of these high profile films!