Amy Schumer is Changing the Face of Comedy


If you haven’t been keeping up, Amy Schumer has been taking the world of comedy by storm. The 35-year-old gained much of her popularity due to the gutty subject matter of her material. If you’re not familiar with her stand-up style, Amy is best known for over sharing the private details of her day to day life. In a GQ interview she explained that her onstage “character” often bleeds through to her real life, although her demeanor is usually far more tame.

That said, there is seemingly no topic that Amy won’t discuss or make jokes about (on or off stage). She often talks about her sex life, and makes a habit of discussing her reproductive organs in great detail without any reservations. It’s this straightforwardness and general “rawness” that makes Amy so appealing to the masses.

Although she is extremely popular now, her comedy career wasn’t always so hot. She admits that it took her nearly 6 years to finally find her niche, and figure out the type of jokes that worked best. She explains that her stand-up provides a voice for women, while at the same time appealing to the male audience, too. In short, she aims to provide a brutally honest and unapologetic voice, and so far she has found great success doing it.

Her stand-up isn’t universally beloved, though. Much of her rawness can come off as crude to some viewers, painting her in an unappealing light. Amy explained that the two subjects that draw the most criticism are sex and food, with sex being especially polarizing. “Just broaching the subject makes people think of you a certain way,” she explains.


A perfect example of this would be a bit she did about “letting a cab driver finger [her].” Schumer claims that the vivid story is factual, and the material made for a great bit. She also explained that while the jokes could make some people uncomfortable, putting it out there made her feel better, and let other people connect with her.

Despite the conflicting opinions on her comedy, Amy isn’t planning on changing for anyone. She said that receiving criticisms for who she is, is nothing new. “I’ve always had my wrist slapped for being myself,” she said. Regardless of the social situation, be it in school or out in a restaurant, there have always been people that disliked her demeanor. She even had boyfriends come and go because they couldn’t handle her “always on” personality. Granted, Amy isn’t lying to anyone, and in a recent GQ interview she straight up said “don’t invite me anywhere if you don’t want me to be an asshole.”

Regardless of what others have been saying about her, Amy’s confidence is seemingly higher than ever. That said, she seems to think that her time under the spotlight is limited, mainly due to to her being a woman. “I’m not going to shut up. And I think people only want women to speak for so long,” she noted in a GQ interview.

That said, Amy continues to speak out on issues that she feels passionate about, and she isn’t apologizing to anyone for her personality or beliefs. For now, this approach has been refreshing, because it’s not something that you see often in our Hollywood society.