Avril Lavigne


Avril-Lavigne-ImageFamous For: Being the most angsty teenager in pop music when she started out. Now known as a weird woman/child hybrid because of her actions.

Last year, there were numerous photos that surfaced from one of Ms. Lavigne’s tours in Brazil. They were the epitome of awkward and I couldn’t help but feel sorry for the poor souls that took photos with her. The fans paid around $400 for a meet and greet session, but her security team gave them strict instructions that they couldn’t touch her. The result? Well…

Avril’s eyes looked dead, like she wanted to be somewhere else. And her hair? What’s up with it? It makes her look like a weird opossum standing on its hind legs. It’s ridiculous to pay $400 and not be able to shake hands or hug a celebrity. For $400, I’d expect to have my own room inside a celebrity’s house for a month!