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12 Celebrities That Are Super Weird

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Being an old lady with an army of cats, a lot of people judge me. They think I’m weird, but that’s fine with me. They must not know the feeling of being loved by all these cute and cuddly kitties and for that, I know that their worlds are sadder than mine.

These 12 celebrities have their quirks, too—but they don’t seem to be bothered by what other people say about them. These ultra-talented celebs have made millions, so they can afford all of the weird stuff they want. Want a dress made out of meat? Sure! Want to travel to North Korea and be buddies with a dictator? Sure!

My children, be different and run wild in the jungle that is called “life”! Listen to Grandma Cat Lady.

Lady Gaga

Lady-Gaga-ImageLady Gaga’s style makes her weird, but her music is good. She has worn dresses made out of meat, bubbles, and stuffed animals, and made the “heel-less” shoes famous. Of course, at some point her crazy fashion choices had to slow down. It was getting old and being that imaginative for daily outfits takes a lot of time and costs a lot of money.

Why Her Weirdness Shouldn’t Matter: Lady Gaga’s performance at this year’s Oscars was amazing. She went from futuristic pop diva to weird (and possibly dangerous) woman on the red carpet to a sultry songstress that wowed the stuffiest people in Hollywood.

10 Celeb Couples That Spawned Surprisingly Ugly Children

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Every baby is a blessing, but not all of them are cute. However, I can’t help but fake a smile whenever I bump into my neighbors with their not-so-cute baby. They’re both good looking people, but their combo—yikes! There will always be kids who are uhm, less attractive than the rest. Hopefully it’s just a phase that they’re going through or they’re going to need an amazing personality when they grow up.

All of my cats are rescues and from what I heard, as kittens, they were deemed “not pretty enough” to be sold in pet stores or to be kept by their original owners. That’s just heartless. All babies (human or animal) are blessings, no matter what they look like—even if they have fangs and claws that can maul you to death when you rub their belly the wrong way.

Here are 10 celeb couples that spawned surprisingly ugly children. Some of these kids don’t resemble their famous parents at all, while other resemble them too much (if you know what I mean.)

Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony

Jennifer-Lopez-Marc-Anthony-ImageChildren: Maximilian David and Emme Maribel

Jennifer Lopez is one hot Latina momma and Marc Anthony is an okay looking guy. It’s unfortunate that their kids took after Marc’s looks instead of J.Lo’s. They looked like tiny senior citizens as babies—then again, aren’t all babies just miniature versions of seniors until they start turning around at 4 or 5? Anyways, their kids are 7 years old now, and they’ve definitely gotten more attractive since then. I’d like to think it’s because they spend more time with their mom.

Jenny, you should start prepping your kids for how unfair life can be, despite the fact that they’ve overcome their senior citizen looks from childhood. They still have puberty to look forward to.

10 Celebs Who Are Secretly Genius

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Growing up, my mama always preached that being intelligent is far more important than being beautiful. I was never entirely convinced until I experienced firsthand how beauty fades with age. Some celebrities are lucky enough to be both good looking (for now) and incredibly smart.

I’m not a big fan of those starlets who took pride in being part of the “dumb blonde” epidemic of the early 00’s (namely, Paris Hilton.) Celebrities are role models and they need to take responsibility for their influence on kids. If a young girl grows up truly believing that being dumb is attractive, trouble will most likely ensue all of her life.

My cats are prettier than most people, but I make sure that they know that they need to be smart. End result? They sass me a lot, but that’s not a problem, considering the fact that it’s an indication that I have raised them well. And no, they’re not disrespectful, they just know what they want, how they want it.

Here are 10 celebrities that exceeded expectations and are not only really pretty, but are also very smart. Several of these celebs have played dumb characters (very convincingly), so it might come as a surprise to you to find out what geniuses they secretly are.

Lisa Kudrow

Lisa-Kudrow-ImageLisa Kudrow played a “dumb blonde” character during her 10-year stint on “Friends”. Life certainly didn’t imitate art in this case. Lisa’s dad is a world-renowned headache specialist and physician. Naturally, she followed his footsteps and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Biology, with plans of researching for an ultimate cure for headaches.


Prior to being an actress, Lisa worked for eight years with her dad. She earned research credit by participating in his study on “comparative likelihood of left-handed individuals developing cluster headaches.” Whew. Studying about headaches can literally cause you headaches, I assume.

I’m not exactly a science-y kind of person, but I’m thankful for whoever pioneers a quick and permanent cure to constant headaches. My cats are starting to hide the Tylenol away because they’re paranoid about any form of medication. The only “safe thing” for their aches and pains is catnip.

10 Celebs Who Might Be Horrible People

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The neighborhood kids know me as “that scary old cat lady up the street”. I’m mean and cranky before my morning coffee, but come on, I’m not rude 24/7— I’m nice to my kitties, you know. Anywho, because of that moniker, I’ve started to wonder about the celebrities that are known for being rude to the people around them. That’s right, not “diva-ish”, I’m talking downright rude or disrespectful with no regard for other people’s feelings.

I was born in a different time, back then, smacking kids tushies or washing their mouths out with soap were normal ways to discipline them for being bad. Nowadays, all you have to do is give a kid the stink eye for kicking your cat and an hour later, a cop will come knocking on your door. Also, smacking tushies has a whole new meaning thanks to a certain novel turned movie. It’s a different world, and I think it’s because children mimic the way celebrities act. Bring back the niceness, people!

Here are 10 celebs who, based on their actions, might be horrible people. Or maybe even, “10 celebs who weren’t disciplined enough as children.”

Kanye West

Kanye-West-ImageOh, boy. This person makes my head ache whenever I hear about his antics. Sure, there’s no problem with speaking your mind, but if you’re going to do it in an uncouth way, it’s best to keep your thoughts to yourself. Remember when Kanye West grabbed the mic from Taylor Swift during the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards? Yep, that’s an infamous shtick and Taylor has since forgiven him, but I haven’t. That act actually pushed President Obama to cite Kanye as a “jackass” for saying that America’s Sweetheart didn’t deserve the award.

Think Kanye’s done with stealing people’s mics? He almost did the same thing to Beck during the 2015 Grammy Awards, all in the name of Beyonce. Kanye, is there something that we should know? Are you secretly in love with Beyonce and that’s why you’re acting out like this? Dude, you married Kim Kardashian, and she’s far from being Queen B.

10 Super Awkward Celebrity Photos

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Because of the technology nowadays, it’s impossible to get rid of any traces of your presence on the internet. One minute you’re taking selfies and “accidentally” send a hilarious shot to someone, and the next minute, your face is plastered all over social networking sites. This is why I tell my cats to think before they snap that pic. They’re so active on Instagram and Snapchat—I’m scared that they might send out something that they shouldn’t. Some of the cats are barely out of kitten-hood! I’d probably die of a heart attack if someone stalks them and takes photos of them during their “ugly” days. I spend a lot of money on them to look fabulous.

People are a bit desensitized now when it comes to nude photos, so they instead go crazy when a celebrity gets photographed making a weird face. It’s so uncommon for Hollywood people to be less than perfect, that’s why we all eat it up when they look awkward.

Here are 10 super awkward photos of celebs that they probably want to banish forever.

Cameron Diaz

Cameron-Diaz-ImageFamous For: Being one of Charlie’s Angels in the 2000 reboot and for being one of Justin Timberlake’s ex-girlfriends.

I don’t even know where to begin. Is Cameron wearing a towel to an awards show? Is she trying to break that Nickelodeon blimp award in half? Does anybody have any idea? This was taken 7 years ago at the 2008 Kids’ Choice Awards and I’m still confused with what she’s trying to pull off.

Eh, at least Cameron is really pretty, no? And honestly, at her age (she’s 42!) she still looks younger than many of the current stars that you see on TV and in the movies. Cameron gets a lot of flack for choosing roles in bad movies, but give the girl a break— being that beautiful is hard work, you know? And haven’t you seen “Gangs of New York”?

10 Celebs Who Have Shockingly Ugly Feet

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Between 12 hour days on set, late nights out on the town, and frequent cardio sessions (to stay in shape), celebrities are on their feet most of the time. The paparazzi expose celebrities to no end, and photographic evidence of flaws on the seemingly flawless can make them a pretty penny. The paparazzi even take pictures of stars feet, especially if they’re deformed.

On scorching hot summer days in L.A., celebs have little choice but to expose their feet— even if they look more like hooves. Most stars have pristine toes, but others have toes that look like someone took a hammer and smashed them. That’s what happens from wearing narrow heels— don’t make yourself suffer for the sake of expensive shoes! Others have naturally ugly feet; blisters, bunions, calluses, corns, you name it— and some even have six toes!

These celebrities have loads of money, but it seems like they can’t part with it to fix their horrible feet. Even I, an old lady, splurge on monthly pedicures for myself and my kitties. Here are 10 celebs who have shockingly ugly feet.

Angelina Jolie

Angelina-Jolie-ImageFamous For: Her pouty lips and for turning Brad Pitt into Mr. Angelina Jolie.

Oh, Angie. You’re the most beautiful woman on the planet, but it seems like you have one major flaw: your feet. That’s okay, you’re a mom of six. Your kids probably like running around barefoot in your backyard and they (most likely) make you do the same thing. I know being a mom is hard, but there’s no harm in having your feet pampered.

Also, what’s up with your ankle, honey? Did it get sprained? Is it swollen? You should have that checked.

Instead Of Her Feet, We Should Focus On: Angie’s charity efforts. She’s a strong woman and she uses her power wisely. Angie juggles being a famous actress, a wife, a mother, and helping out kids from war-torn countries. Also, can we focus on her husband, too? Brad’s like fine wine. He has aged well and he’s still yum!

10 Celebs Who Are Surprisingly Good People

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Celebrity media outlets focus more on bad news than good, simply because drama sells. Sure, I like reading about how a certain celebrity got into a catfight with another celebrity over Twitter, but too much negative stuff gets tiring after a while. Even my cats get sick of celebrities fighting to the death—then again, this makes us appreciate the good news that appears once in a blue moon.

Because of all the bad in the world, people on the Internet have become suckers for those “faith in humanity restored” type of posts. I’m one of those suckers— it just warms my heart that the generation that I so often complain about still knows how to identify the type of people that they should emulate.

Here are 10 celebrities who have hearts of gold. They don’t just donate money, they also take the time to save lives and personally make sure that they do their part.

Now, if only I made millions, I’d be able to set up a school for underprivileged cats… Maybe I should contact one of the celebrities from this list.

Keanu Reeves

Keanu-Reeves-ImageI once read a post about what a hard life Keanu Reeves has had, despite the fact that he’s rich and famous. If your fiancée gave birth to your stillborn daughter and then died in a car accident 8 months later, would you still have the energy to be nice to the universe that screwed up your life? Well, Keanu has and he’s done an excellent job at being one of the nicest and most generous people in Hollywood.

When Keanu’s sister got diagnosed with leukemia (yet another cruel act by the universe), he dropped everything that he was doing and stayed by her side to take care of her. He donated millions to the hospital where she was staying in order to fund leukemia research.

Keanu also gave $80 million from his $114 million earnings from the Matrix series to the special effects and costume crew of the film, stating, ″Money is the last thing I think about. I could live on what I have already made for the next few centuries.″

12 Celebrity Instagrams You Should Check Out

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Instagram is one of the “essential” apps that you should have on your iPhone. Most of my cats have Instagram accounts and they’ve all gained a decent amount of followers. Personally, I only use my account to stalk celebrities, and of course, to double-tap the photos and videos that my cats post. I’m not really that much of a selfie person because I can’t extend my arms too much due to arthritis.

I like looking at celeb accounts because I get to see their cute and pudgy babies and their lifestyles in general. Of course, some stars take way too many selfies, but who am I to complain? My cats always take selfies. I’ve spent far too much money on camera extenders for their smartphones. Seriously, those things don’t come cheap if you’re in a house full of sweet but conceited cats.

There’s just something about Instagram that completes my day. After scouring through celebrity news sites all day, you just want the direct dish from the celebs themselves, you know? It’s much better and I can easily make a comment that may or may not be nice. Hey, maybe one of these days, I’ll start posting photos on my account so I can get into Hollywood. (I really, really want a reality show for the kitties and myself.)

Here are 12 celebrity Instagram accounts that you should check out— they’re very interesting and fun to look at!

Beyonce (@beyonce)

Beyonce-(@beyonce)Oh, Queen B! I know she’s very private, but she’s been giving everyone some bits and pieces of her life via Instagram. I’m so jealous of all the vacations that she goes on! Beyonce doesn’t go to “common” tourist spots, but rather more exotic locations. Who looks that good on the beach? Only Queen B! She’s always so fabulous everywhere she goes, that I think it’s safe to admit that she’s not even human. And let’s not forget the random (and rare) photos of her cute little daughter.


Blue Ivy is one lucky little girl because her Mama brings her all around the globe. She’s not even in preschool yet and she’s already been to more places than me! I think this is a sign for me to look into cat-friendly vacation spots for the summer.

10 Times Justin Bieber Took Douchebaggery To A Whole New Level

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I’ve always heard that Canadians are the nicest people in the world. There’s truth to that because one of my cats, Peaches, is from Canada and she’s just a little sweetheart. Peaches is extra cuddly and very good with her kitty siblings, but I’ve noticed that she gets a bit nervous whenever she hears or sees Justin Bieber. This is why I’ve made a conclusion that he’s probably just faking that he’s Canadian because he certainly doesn’t act like one!

Don’t get me wrong; I think the Bieb’s is a handsome boy with a lot of talent and potential in him. However, with the way he’s been acting lately, it’s like he needs to be sent to Bible Camp for fifteen summers—that is how appalled I am. Sure, everyone has a rebellious phase where they act out and do unspeakable things, but Justin Bieber has done so many of these things that my reaction has went from, “Well, poor boy just wants to fit in!” to “Does your mother know what you’re doing with your life?”

If you ask Justin Bieber’s fans if there’s justifiable reasons behind his bad behavior, they’ll come up will millions to support him. He’s a god to these teenage girls, and it’s only a matter of time until the Bieb’s decides to turn them into an army of assassins. Well, the Old Cat Lady is here to serve some truth to these young girls—I’m laying down the 10 Times Justin Bieber Took Douchebaggery To a Whole New Level. But fear not, I think this boy still has some hope left in him.


Stripped On National TV

Stripped On National TVLast year, sometime in September, I was busy watching “Fashion Rocks” on CBS. I was forced to watch it live because one of the cats had an “accident” all over the DVR and none of them owned up to it. So anyway, I was enjoying the whole show when suddenly, Justin Bieber appeared and started stripping down to his tighty-whities. I almost broke a hip trying to shield my cats’ eyes. I have three underage kittens that shouldn’t be seeing that, you know!

I know he has an amazing body, but who does he think he is? Someone from Magic Mike? There were some screaming girls in the audience, but of course, the majority of the crowd was booing him. Who wouldn’t boo someone who only feels comfortable in his Calvins? Even my cats won’t do acts like that in public.

10 Worst Celebrity Social Media Screw-Ups

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Once something makes it’s way to the Internet, it never really disappears. With the advent of technology, people are finding ways of preserving everything permanently. I’m so happy that I was born in a different generation. You won’t be seeing any embarrassing childhood photos or “accidentally” leaked nude photos of me—however, you can expect those photos from my cats. They’re very liberated individuals. I’m just praying that one of them becomes the next Kim Kardashian. I’d love it if the kitties and me got a reality show because of their (sometimes questionable) antics. We’ll call it “Keeping Up With The Kat Lady”.

Social media is the greatest form of entertainment and promotion nowadays. I always make sure that I’m up-to-date on my friends’ and cats’ posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Snapchat, and Tumblr. Just because I’m an old lady, doesn’t mean I am not tech savvy. Celebrities also use these means to reach out to their fans (I may or may have not exchanged flirtatious photographs with James Franco on Instagram teehee *wink*) and promote their projects. And as you can expect, some of these celebrities also used these to say or post stupid stuff.

These 10 famous people met their match (or you know, droves of haters) because of something that they posted or did on their social media accounts. They’re the greatest examples of what not to do on the Internet.

Paris Hilton

Paris-HiltonParis Hilton is the typical spoiled rich girl. It’s stereotypical, but what can we do? She does things to fit her stereotype like by having a penchant for expensive drugs.


In 2010, she was arrested for cocaine possession, with the evidence “hiding” inside her Chanel purse. She told authorities that the purse didn’t belong to her and that her friend just left it to her for “safe-keeping”. Sure, Paris. Her Twitter account actually proved to be crucial to the case because little miss rich girl here tweeted a photo of the purse when she woke up that same morning. This is why you have to think before you tweet.

This is why I tell my cats to never do drugs in public. They’re only allowed to do catnip under my supervision and in moderation.