15 Of The Most Demanding Celebrities

If you own a cat (or in my case, have a house full of them), then you know what divas they can be. They don’t see themselves as pets; they see themselves as the masters of the household. You just have to remember that they’re part of the family that includes lions, tigers, and jaguars.

Well, my cats don’t really get violent unless the neighborhood dogs get involved. However, when their demands (for example, Mr. Jingles only eats tuna on Tuesdays and it needs to have dainty garnishes on proper plating) don’t get met, they become so cold towards me. I actually wrote up a rider for the person who looks after my cats when I go out of town. Yes, my cats are little celebrities with diva attitudes. And yes, I still love them because they’re very cute and cuddly. No, you may not touch them until you’ve curtsied.

These 15 celebrities are similar to my cats. The only difference is that they’re worse divas than my cats and I don’t think they’re as snuggly. It’s okay to have some demands when you’re working your butt off, but I don’t think it’s fair if you start requesting for ridiculous things like only having your coffee stirred counter-clockwise, or asking your management to provide you with toilet paper made out of gold when you’re on tour.

40 Biggest Celebrity Breakups Of All Time

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When it comes to love, there are certain couples who seem to be absolutely perfect for one another in what we often call “soulmates.” Once these couples have been together for a while, it seems like there’s nothing that can get in the way of their connection, their relationship, or their love. This makes it all the more surprising when something does come in between them leaving them no other choice but to part ways.

Just as Hollywood gives us some of the best love stories on the silver screen, Hollywood’s biggest stars have also proven to have a few love stories of their own behind the scenes. That’s right – we’re talking about Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas, even Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson who have been married for 28 years!

These Hollywood romances, of course, led us to wonder about some of Hollywood’s most devastating breakups. Looking to some of the hottest stars since the early 1990s, we uncovered everything from young love to secret romance in these 16 celebrity couples we wish had never split up. Do you remember these famous power-couples and why they parted ways? Cue the mood music and grab some tissues as we travel back in time all in the name of love!

10 Interfaith Celeb Relationships

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My parents raised me as a Catholic. Growing up I was a “good” Catholic schoolgirl— I never missed a day at church or Sunday school. Nowadays, I’m more of a Cat-holic than Catholic. I haven’t been practicing that much because of my age and the fact that masses are now broadcasted on television, which allows me to instill some faith onto my kitties while sitting at home.

It’s no longer surprising to see couples of all shapes, sizes, race, and gender walking around town, yet religion is still a sensitive issue. What puzzles me is when people (especially in Hollywood) blame clashing faiths for their breakups. Let me use my old lady wisdom on you, children: True love has no boundaries. One of my cats is a scientologist, but the other kitties still include him in their prayers.

Here are 10 Hollywood couples that looked past faith to be the one they loved (and still love, in a few cases.)

10 Most Evil Killer Couples

When I was younger, I used to be so fascinated by the thought of living a fast-paced life with a bad boy. Up until now, if a handsome and brooding man told me that he wants me to be the Bonnie to his Clyde, I would say yes—only if the kitties could come, because the kitties are a great asset. They’re amazing with stealth and giving a false sense of security.

Goodness, I’m an old woman. If I committed a petty crime right now, those police officers might not believe that I’m a culprit, mainly because, like my cats, I look innocent. They have no idea how lethal I could become, especially when there’s a sale on vegetables and cat food at the grocery store. The only crimes that I involve myself in are those fictional ones on TV. It’s safer and I really enjoy the banter between the characters. Plus, violence doesn’t solve anything.

The 10 couples that I’m about to talk about committed the worst crime of all, murder. They killed to fulfill their sick and twisted desires, and to show their devotion to one another. Warning: some of the details are disturbing. My kitties are covering their eyes with their paws.

10 Most Private Celebrity Couples

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It’s difficult to keep a relationship private if you and your partner both work in an industry where public presence and visibility dictate your next paycheck. Back in my day, paparazzi weren’t as rampant as they are now, so celebrities could partake in nightly debaucheries and not get judged so widely. Nowadays, if a celebrity trips on their shoelaces, the world starts mocking them. They have become disposable, which makes things more interesting, in my opinion.

If you don’t have a Twitter or an Instagram account, it automatically disqualifies you from being a “respected” celebrity because you refuse to share your personal life with the rest of the world. My cats have their own social networking accounts because they want their online fans to know what they’re up to. Just recently, Mr. Jingles posted a selfie with this new cat next door, Snowbelle, which he’s currently dating. After a couple of hours, they had a hashtag, #JingleBelle, which attracted a lot of haters because well, Mr. Jingles is a very handsome kitty.

But come on, not everyone wants to live inside a fishbowl (trust me, in a house full of cats, a fishbowl is the last thing that I want) and have everyone watch your every move. This is why I am amused at these 10 most private celebrity couples—nobody knows their personal business and they keep us wanting more. It’s reverse psychology at its finest: the less they become available, the more we crave for them.

10 Most Shocking Celebrity Secrets

This generation baffles me. Back in my day, we knew how to keep a secret. Sure, there were celebrity scandals, but they were always hush-hush—mostly because they involved someone powerful, like the president. Nowadays, those younger stars reveal everything to the media. If they have a huge secret, expect the media to let you know in a week or two. The Internet has become a place for these stars to over share. But I am not complaining, because all of my cats have Instagram accounts. I know one of my cats will be a big star someday—they’re better actors than most.

At my old age, I have seen things, terrible things and great things. It’s all going downhill now, thanks to Hollywood. The most shocking event that I had concerning celebrities was that moment when all of the pictures of their hoohas got revealed by some computer hackers. I saw my oldest cat, Mr. Jingles browsing through those photos. A small argument happened, which resorted to him not speaking to me for the rest of the night.

Well, aside from those photos, there are still other juicy, dark secrets that celebrities have that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed. I’m no tattletale, but I’m not afraid to admit that these secrets are meant to be shared with the masses. I am presenting to you the 10 most shocking celebrity secrets that are too good to keep to myself.