Taylor Swift Talks About Love, Marriage, Having a ‘Bunch’ of Kids

Taylor Swift’s music career started when she was just 14. Her parents pushed her towards performance arts and even relocated to Nashville, Tennessee from Wyomissing, Pennsylvania, just so she could pursue a career in country music. Obviously her music career took off, and today Taylor is on top of the world with a cool $250 million to her name.

The superstar is just 26, but she already managed to attract worldwide attention, and her popularity is only growing. In 2015, she became the youngest woman to be featured on Forbes’ “100 Most Powerful Women” list, ranked comfortably at number 64. Regardless of where you personally stand on the subject of Taylor’s music, it’s pretty hard to deny her talent.

If you’re familiar with Taylor’s music, then you already know that most of her hit singles revolve around the same topic – relationships and heartbreak. In a 2012 interview with Cosmo, she opened up on the subject of relationships and explained some of the things that she can’t tolerate in a significant other. “I can’t deal with someone wanting to take a relationship backward or needing space or cheating on you. I just don’t ever want to end up in a relationship that isn’t fair ever again.”

She went on to explain that there is a certain chemistry that she wants to feel. “I need that unexplainable spark…I just need to see someone and feel, oh no, uh-oh. It’s only happened a few times in my life, but I feel like if I was gonna be with someone forever, it would be because I saw them and I thought, oh no.”


Although the singer has had her fair share of unsuccessful relationships (all of which she has written songs about), Taylor remains hopeful. She admits to wanting to get married some day and have children of her own. In fact, when asked about marriage and kids, Taylor often replies with a big smile, while fantasizing out loud about what it would be like to spend time with her yet unborn kids.

If you’re not staying up to date with Taylor’s relationships – she recently broke up with producer Calvin Harris. According to sources close to Taylor, the breakup was one sided, and Harris was 100% responsible for the split. The source also claims that Swift often talked about marrying the man, but it appears that Harris wasn’t ready to take on such a commitment quite yet. The 35-year-old is still very much career focused, and quite frankly DJ-ing pool parties full of super models isn’t for the married.

Unfortunately for Taylor, that’s another unsuccessful relationship in the books. That said, the singer is only 26 and still has plenty of time to get hitched. We might even hear wedding bells sooner than you’d think. Shorty after the Calvin Harris breakup, Swift began dating Tom Hiddleston – a British actor. The couple has been together for a little longer than a month, but Taylor has already declared her undying love to him, and sources close to the couple claim that the pair is already talking marriage.

It’s hard to tell whether or not these rumours actually carry any weight, but it doesn’t sound too farfetched based on Taylor’s track history. We’ll just have to wait and see.

I have terrible instincts: Melissa McCarthy

Melissa McCarthy has been making some serious waves in the entertainment industry for nearly 20 years. Her career began with a very minor role on the NBC comedy series Jenny. Two years later, she made a film debut with the 1999 comedy film called Go. Since then, McCarthy continued to get gigs here and there but her career didn’t really take off until she landed a role on the Gilmore Girls, and later a lead on the CBS sitcom, Mike and Molly. Most recently, Melissa starred alongside Kristen Wiig and Kate McKinnon in the 2016 reboot of Ghostbusters.

McCarthy’s career history earned her high praise mainly as a comedian, but what many don’t know is that she is also a super fan of action stunts. Since the very start of her acting career, McCarthy attempted to do all of her own stunts while on set. Despite that, the actress says that she (surprisingly) has terrible instincts, jokingly adding that she always tries to hurt herself. “I’m always like ‘I should do that’, ‘I should take that thirty-three story fall,” she laughs when asked about her stunt work.

While filming Spy, an action comedy where Melissa did most of her own stunts, she sustained a number of minor injuries. “I was covered in bruises and weird pulled muscles,” she said in a People Magazine interview early last year. That said, she cherishes every opportunity to perform, and likes to joke about her mishaps. “My worst fall, sadly, was walking to a massage,” she laughed.


Funny enough, the actress decided that it would be a good idea to get a rub down after sustaining a few muscle strains. While she was walking to her appointment, she slipped on the marble around the pool area, causing her to wipe out pretty hard. She sustained a fairly serious back injury during the fall, and the actress reports that it took her nearly a week to start walking properly again. The director, Paul Feig, saw the whole thing, and says that the first thing that popped into his head was, “we’re f–cked!” Luckily, Melissa is a total trooper, and she was back in business in less than a week, continuing with her own stunts.

Since Spy, Melissa seems to have gotten much better at not hurting herself, and although injuries still happen, they are far more minor. When asked if she underwent any special training for her stunts in Ghostbusters, she explained that practice and training were central to keeping everyone safe and unharmed on set.

Despite taking several tumbles over the course of filming, Melissa is a good sport about it. She doesn’t seem to have any regrets, and says that the end result is well worth the scrapes and bumps – “when you pull it off and then you watch it afterwards, that’s why, for the next one, you go, ‘yeah, I should do that.’” Luckily, none of her set injuries were very severe, so we hope that Melissa is able to continue entertaining the masses with her quirky personality and comedic flare for many years to come.

How Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Raise Their Six Children

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are one of the hottest celebrity couples in Hollywood. The pair fell in love on set of Mr. and Mrs. Smith. At the time of filming and production Brad was still married to Jennifer Aniston. The marriage didn’t last, and shortly after the premier of the blockbuster hit, Aniston filed for divorce. At this time, Brad and Angelina didn’t publicly acknowledge their relationship, but rumours were all but confirmed when the couple was photographed vacationing in Kenya with Angelina’s adopted son, Mad (Maddox).

About a year later, the the couple announced that they were expecting their first biological child, Shiloh. What many people don’t know, though, is that Jolie gave birth to Shiloh in Namibia. Her decision to give birth in Africa came down to two things – her love for the beauty of the Namibian desert, and a more selfless desire to help the local community. Jolie and Pitt charged $3 million for the first photo of the much-anticipated baby, and donated the money to the United Nations, where the Salt star is an embassador for the refugee agency.

By the time Shiloh (Shi) was born, the Jolie-Pitts have adopted two other children, making Shi the fourth to join the gang. Having four kids was clearly not enough, because just two years later, the couple announced that they were expecting twins – Knox and Vivienne.

Raising 6 children is no easy task, and with parents like Jolie and Pitt, it’s safe to say that Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, Knox, and Vivienne were never going to be your average neighbourhood kids. In a radio interview with BBC, Jolie shared that each of her half-dozen kids is leaning a different language. According to Jolie, a large part of encouraging her kids to learn languages stems from the fact that she wanted her adopted children to learn, and understand their heritage.


In a media interview, Jolie said that she doesn’t force her kids into things that they aren’t naturally interested in. Unfortunately for the couple, this means that none of the kids will follow in their Hollywood footsteps. “None of my kids want be actors,” shared the Maleficent star. “They are actually very interested in being musicians. I think they like the process of film from the outside. Mad is interested in editing and Pax loves deejaying.”

At home, Jolie believes in giving her kids a lot of breathing room – allowing them to grow into their own. In an interview with Star magazine, an old nanny said that Brad and Angie are “very unconventional parents, to say the least. It’s like they’re living in a hippie commune most of the time, because Angie doesn’t believe in rules.” The nanny followed up by saying that her leniency doesn’t always work out very well.

The kids are homeschooled by a team of international teachers, but Jolie doesn’t force them to learn anything that they’re not interested in. Another nanny said that “they also don’t take tests or do homework.” Granted, none of the Jolie-Pitt kids will be going after entry level jobs, but the fact they they can learn what they want is worth mentioning.

Further – due to Jolie’s ‘anything goes’ approach, the kids are allowed to spend as much time browsing the net, and the older ones are already active on social media. The kids have a security team monitor all of their online activity for their safety, but other than that they’re allowed to do pretty much whatever they want.

Jolie and Pitt’s parenting style is an often controversial topic, but the kids seem to be doing ok. I guess we’ll have to wait and see where these A-lister kids will end up in a few decades, but for now Jolie and Pitt continue to do things in their own way.

Adele: Surprising Stories Behind 5 of her Biggest Hits

Adele Laurie Blue Adkins, or just Adele, is one of the most widely recognizable musicians in the world. Her 2011 album, 21, has been certified 16 times platinum, earning the singer an impressive 6 grammy awards. Combined, her discography has sold more than 100 million copies, and some of her biggest hits topped the charts for longer than any other album released in the last two decades.

So, what’s the secret behind her Billboard success? Well, aside from her one of a kind voice and undeniable talent, her storytelling ability lets her connect with millions around the world. This short article will take a look at the great stories behind some of her biggest hits, revealing surprising details that managed to win over millions of fans.

Is Adele A Total Diva??

Adele is an extremely successful English songwriter and performer. Her incredible voice and one of a kind storytelling ability helped her win over the hearts of millions of fans worldwide. Thanks to her popularity and tremendous career success, Adele managed to amass a net worth of more than $125 million. If you couldn’t guess, that kind of money can get you pretty much anything, including – of course – a pizza from a pizzaria more than 70 miles away.

Yup, the 28 year old sent a resort employee on a 140 mile round trip for a slice of ‘za, and to make matters worse, she didn’t even end up eating it. Before you start judging, let’s back track and hear the full story.

Adele is widely known as one of the most down-to-earth entertainers in the industry, but even she is seemingly capable of occasionally acting like a total diva. When the superstar was vacationing at a luxury country estate with her partner and 3-year-old son, she apparently had a craving for some pizza.

The resort the couple were staying at had a number of on-call chefs, all of whom are capable of preparing a pizza. In fact, a source told Daily Mail that the resort is equipped with some of the best pizza ovens that money can buy, but Adele wasn’t having any of it. She insisted that a member of the resort staff drive to her favourite restaurant in Kensington, to pick up some pizza there.


The Soho Farmhouse has a policy of saying “yes” to pretty much every whim of their guests, and Adele made sure to take advantage of the fact. It was 11pm when the singer ordered her take out, and by the time the driver made the trip out to London and back, she and her partner were fast asleep. A roomservice team member pointed out that the pizza was still in its box when the room was cleaned in the morning – rendering the entire late-night trip useless for resort staff.

Tabloids all over the world picked up on this story and made quite a big fuss about it, seemingly forgetting that Adele isn’t just a regular person. She is a superstar singer and a multimillionaire, so ordering a pizza from a different city isn’t that big of a deal. After all, the employees were paid for their time.

Also, pizza is a rare treat for Adele these days. After returning to the limelight with the release of her third album, it became obvious that the superstar lost some significant weight. In fact, Adele revealed that she follows a strict diet regimen, and a custom workout program – despite hating spending time at the gym.

Teen Mom 2: What Was Scripted What Was Real

As our attention spans are getting shorter and shorter, reality TV is continuing to get more and more popular. It seems that a new show pops up every time you turn on the TV, and we (as a society) just eat that stuff up. That said, a lot of the drama you see in these so called “reality” shows is entirely fabricated with the intent of attracting more viewers, and Teen Mom 2 is a perfect example.

At first glance Teen Mom 2 might seem like a docuseries meant to highlight the struggles that young (and often single) moms face, but in reality there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes. Take season 6, episode 11 for example, where Leah Messer (one of the moms) left the show to get treatment for her supposed drug problem. In the episode, her “baby daddy” seemingly unaware that Leah was getting help. He went off on her about her addiction, and insisted that she stop “sweeping it under the rug,” and go to rehab.

After the episode aired, Messer herself tweeted that the episode was scripted, and that the father did in fact know that she was getting help before the cameras started rolling. This episode is not an outlier either– something like this happens very often. In her twitter rampage, Leah also stated that the producers behind Teen Mom encourage cast members to discuss specific hot topics (like her drug addiction) to secure more views and raise the shows’ ratings.


A few years ago, a former Teen Mom cameraman revealed a lot of other production secrets, supporting the fact that the show is heavily structured in a way that incites the most controversy and drama. This shouldn’t come as a big surprise, considering no reality show would survive without good ratings, which are generated by the millions of people watching the juicy scandals unfold from the comfort of their living rooms.

That said, the cameraman revealed that Teen Mom isn’t necessarily scripted like a movie would be, but is rather heavily produced. In short, this means that the director and the film crew knew the drama that would unfold before they would start filming – there would rarely be any surprises.

The cameraman also pointed out that, on top of their salary, the actors and crew were paid bonuses that were linked to the ratings of the show – meaning, the higher the ratings, the more money in their pockets. Because of this incentive, a lot of the people on the show tend to over react and start fights that wouldn’t naturally occur.

To top it off, there’s some evidence of sketchy production practices. It’s not uncommon for the crew to edit the episode out of order, shuffling the events and creating an entirely new, and more entertaining, “reality.” So next time you watch Teen Mom 2, or any other reality TV show for that matter, take the “facts” with a grain of salt, and just enjoy the drama.

How Jay-Z Actually Woo’d Beyonce

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Jay-Z and Beyonce is not only one of the richest couples on the planet, but also one of the most popular. From the very beginning, the power couple has been very secretive when it came to their relationship – managing, for the most part, to keep the intimate aspects of their life out of the public eye. Today, there is a lot of rumours surrounding the couple, and their supposed relationship problems, but much of that remains unsubstantiated. So instead of furthering the rumours and discussing the unknown, let’s take a look at how the power couple actually got hitched.

Although the couple said their vows back in 2008, their relationship history goes way back. The exact date of when they met remains uncertain, but various accounts put that date somewhere between 1997 – 1998. The lovebirds were first acquainted though the music scene when Beyonce was just 18 years old.

The two continued to “hang out” for the next couple of years, while denying all rumours about the relationship. And despite paparazzi shots frequently capturing the couple together at sporting events and tourist hot spots, the two remained hush-hush about until 2005.


While the couple seemed happy in tabloid photos, there was a lot of rough waters for them to navigate. Two years before their wedding, Jay-Z released an album, Kingdom Come, featuring a song titled – “Lost One.” On this track Hov raps: I don’t think it’s meant to be, B / But she loves her work more than she does me / And honestly, at 23 / I would probably love my work more than I did she.” This line fueled a lot of speculation on whether or not the couple was falling apart, and later (in 2010) Jay clarified that, yes, the song was in fact about their rocky relationship. Dating someone just as career focused and ambitious as himself wasn’t easy, he wrote in his 2010 book Decoded.

The couple managed to get over their relationship speed bumps (obviously), and continued to write love songs about one another, while also travelling the globe and performing together. After a couple more years of relationship rumours, the couple finally got hitched on April 4th, 2008.

The ceremony was very small and private (it took place at Jay’s Tribeca apartment), and instead of exchanging rings, the couple got matching IV tattoos on their ring fingers. Number 4 has been a persistently important number in their relationship, so this symbolic gesture meant a lot to the newlyweds.

Three years after the wedding, Bey revealed a baby bump on the red carpet and confirmed her pregnancy. This announcement nearly broke the internet, and secured a world record for “most tweets per second recorded for a single event.” at an impressive 8,868 tweets per second.

The couple continued to gain popularity, and eventually overtook Gisele and Tom Brady as the highest-paid celebrity couple, bringing in a combined total of $78 million every year. Despite their relationship being constantly questioned, the couple managed to stay together for more than 16 years, and it’s unlikely that the two will part ways any time soon.

Keeping Up With the Kardashians: What Was Scripted What Was Real

Keeping Up with the Kardashians is easily one of the most popular reality TV shows ever created. A lot of the show’s popularity can be attributed to the fact that the Kardashians are a very high profile family, and the rest can be credited to the entertaining drama that seems to surround them. Despite their impressive viewership numbers, a lot of blogs have been referring to the Kardashians as the “fakest family on TV,” and this article will attempt to show you why.

While no one genuinely believes that reality TV is an accurate representation of real life, some shows like to bend the truth more than others. And when it comes to misleading their viewers, Keeping Up with the Kardashians is among the top offenders.

Since the very first season of the show, there have been many posts and videos debunking some parts of the story arc that just didn’t add up. For starters, the home shown on the episodes isn’t even their real house. When confronted, Kim K claimed that it was for “security purposes,” and with them being a high profile family with a lot of media coverage, we’re going to let this one slide.


That said, there is a whole lot more that just doesn’t make any sense. For example, there have been scenes with Kim K wearing an engagement ring before Kanye actually popped the question. The only explanation for this, is that scenes are rearranged in production, and edited together in a way that makes the episode more entertaining instead of the order that they’ve occurred in. This might not seem like a big deal considering reality shows do this all the time, but Keeping Up with The Kardashians takes it further than most. During a deposition of the show’s producer, evidence of tampering with Kris Humphries’ on screen character was put forward. According to the producers’ testimony, at least two scenes were “scripted, reshot or edited,” to paint Kris as more of a villain.

Although there have been many scripted scenes, one that might surprise you the most is one with Kris holding a little baby (meant to be Kim’s daughter North). Later is was revealed that the baby was just a random stand in. A lot of other scandals and fights are scripted too, the big “meltdown” that Kim suffered after her mom and sister covered her house in toilet paper was also apparently planned, and played out for higher viewership.

Not everything on the show is fake, though. Take the scandal between Bruce (now Caitlyn) Jenner and Kris Kardashian, for example. When the two split up, the producers of the show were desperate for an on screen reunion, but Jenner wouldn’t budge – completely refusing to do the shot.

If you’re a fan of the show, don’t be disappointed to find out that a lot of what you see has been manipulated to make you feel a certain way for some of the characters. Simply take the show for what it is, and continue to enjoy it for its entertainment value.

How Donald Trump Woo’d Melania

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The union of a stunning 5’11” supermodel, and a rude man with a poor haircut seems like an unlikely one, but that’s the story that we’re going to share today. If you couldn’t figure it out from the title, we’re talking about Donald Trump and his wife Melania, who, ironically enough, is much more camera shy of the two.

The unlikely couple first met at a Fashion Week party in September of 1998, just a year after Trump’s second divorce. The Donald says that he fell in love with Melania as soon as the two were introduced, and who can blame him? Unfortunately, his first attempt at getting her attention fell short, and Melania promptly rejected him when he asked for her number. Years later, in an interview with People Magazine, Melania explained the reason behind the cold shoulder. “He came to the party with a date,” she said “and I heard that he was a ladies’ man.”

That same night, after sending off his date to the ladies room, Trump persisted, eventually getting Melania to take down his phone number. Later, when she returned to New York from a modeling gig in the Caribbean, she called him up and the two hit it off, apparently spending many hours talking into the night.


The couple casually dated for a few years, doing the usual song-and-dance – dinners, concerts, sporting events, and what have you. In 2004, the billionaire finally popped the question and presented Melania with a 12-carat diamond ring worth north of $3 million. The couple spared no expense on their Palm Beach wedding, either. Melania wore a gorgeous $200,000 Christian Dior gown, and hundreds of high profile guests were in attendance (including Hillary Clinton).

Just a year after getting hitched, the couple announced that they are having a baby. The baby boy, named Barron, is Donald’s fifth child (he has 4 from his first two failed marriages) and Melania’s first. Today, Barron is ten years old, and the couple is raising him as a “mini-Donald.” He is often photographed playing golf with his dad, and through time spent with his old man, little Barron picked up some of his antics. In a CNN interview back in 2011, Melania said that Barron has “fired” housekeepers and nannies in the past, but quickly “hired” them back. Melania has a great relationship with the rest of the kids, too. Ever since Donald first introduced her to his kids, they quickly fell in love with her, promptly asking Trump to make her their stepmother.

With the presidential election just months away and Trump on the Republican ticket, the couple has been getting more media coverage than ever before. If Trump manages to get elected, Melania will become the first first lady in history that has posed nude for a photoshoot. That said, Melania embraces her modelling past, saying that she will be different than any of the other first ladies, should Trump get elected – ”we are in the 21st century. I will be me.”

25 Celebrities That Used to be Drug Dealers

Before making it big and living it up in Hollywood, some of your favourite artists and actors had to sell drugs just to make ends meet. Some would take the “street” route – hustling on a corner of a store, waiting for customers to spread their business by word of mouth, praying that they wouldn’t be caught by the police. Others operated on a much larger scale – moving bigger quantities of schedule 1 narcotics over the border, serving a much more lucrative market.

As you read this article you’ll notice that a good percentage of the celebrities listed here come from the hip hop industry. This should come as no surprise, considering how popular the theme of ‘drugs and money’ is in rap culture. That said, other celebrities on this list will blow you away.

While some of these now-stars managed to hustle and grind without ever getting caught, others weren’t so lucky and ended up facing jail time. For most, jail time served as a wake-up call and led to them to pursue other (more legitimate) entrepreneurial avenues. In many cases, their inherent business-minded attitudes have helped kickstart their pop-culture careers, making them much more money than selling drugs ever did.