Charlize Theron (@charlizeafrica)


    Charlize-Theron-(@charlizeafrica)I absolutely adore Charlize! Despite having a difficult childhood in South Africa (her father was abusive towards her mother), she still manages to exude a very positive vibe. Charlize is like a walking ray of sunshine and her Instagram account shows it! You’ll see photos of her attending various events and some selfies of her with entertainment legends like Bono.

    Despite looking like a goddess, she’s not afraid to downgrade her looks for her roles. Remember Monster? I still recall my cats hiding under the furniture when I first watched that movie because Charlize looked really scary and homicidal. Now, I may not be as pretty as her now, but if you saw me in my younger years, you’d swear that I looked just like a dark-haired Charlize, only shorter.