Cyndi Lauper


    Cyndi-Lauper-2-ImageBack in the 80’s, Cyndi Lauper was branded as quirky because of how she wore her hair and make-up and how she dressed. Half of her head was shaved and her remaining hair was bright orange, yellow, or whatever neon color(s) she wanted at the time. Those millennials with shaved heads and neon unicorn hair aren’t “trendsetters” because Cyndi was the one who popularized that look almost three decades ago.

    Why Her Weirdness Shouldn’t Matter: Cyndi Lauper is now in her sixties and still sports multi-colored hair and colorful clothes from time to time. She’s doesn’t let her age dictate how dresses. Cyndi inspires old people (like myself) to not give a damn about what anybody thinks. Go, Cyndi!