Flip Floppers: 10 Celebs That Changed Their Gender Preference Later in Life


When you’re forced to pick between two appealing options, it can really place you between a rock and a hard place; generally the choice is between two places to eat or something else equally mundane, but in the case of a special few it means picking between men and women! Living a double life is difficult for Celebs since they are always in the public eye and trying to keep up a good image, but even with the media buzzing around every corner some have been able to keep their sexuality under wraps.

All things eventually surface, so rather than let their secrets be revealed some celebs have surprised us all and come clean about their hidden romances; these celebrity flip floppers have changed teams more than sports players, and shocked us by shacked up with both genders! Whether the celebs are bisexual, or they simply changed their mind about who they want to love, it caught us off guard all the same. But which celebs were the most surprising to see start dating the other sex? Here are the top 10 celebs which changed their mind, and swapped their gender preference later in life.