How Donald Trump Woo’d Melania


The union of a stunning 5’11” supermodel, and a rude man with a poor haircut seems like an unlikely one, but that’s the story that we’re going to share today. If you couldn’t figure it out from the title, we’re talking about Donald Trump and his wife Melania, who, ironically enough, is much more camera shy of the two.

The unlikely couple first met at a Fashion Week party in September of 1998, just a year after Trump’s second divorce. The Donald says that he fell in love with Melania as soon as the two were introduced, and who can blame him? Unfortunately, his first attempt at getting her attention fell short, and Melania promptly rejected him when he asked for her number. Years later, in an interview with People Magazine, Melania explained the reason behind the cold shoulder. “He came to the party with a date,” she said “and I heard that he was a ladies’ man.”

That same night, after sending off his date to the ladies room, Trump persisted, eventually getting Melania to take down his phone number. Later, when she returned to New York from a modeling gig in the Caribbean, she called him up and the two hit it off, apparently spending many hours talking into the night.


The couple casually dated for a few years, doing the usual song-and-dance – dinners, concerts, sporting events, and what have you. In 2004, the billionaire finally popped the question and presented Melania with a 12-carat diamond ring worth north of $3 million. The couple spared no expense on their Palm Beach wedding, either. Melania wore a gorgeous $200,000 Christian Dior gown, and hundreds of high profile guests were in attendance (including Hillary Clinton).

Just a year after getting hitched, the couple announced that they are having a baby. The baby boy, named Barron, is Donald’s fifth child (he has 4 from his first two failed marriages) and Melania’s first. Today, Barron is ten years old, and the couple is raising him as a “mini-Donald.” He is often photographed playing golf with his dad, and through time spent with his old man, little Barron picked up some of his antics. In a CNN interview back in 2011, Melania said that Barron has “fired” housekeepers and nannies in the past, but quickly “hired” them back. Melania has a great relationship with the rest of the kids, too. Ever since Donald first introduced her to his kids, they quickly fell in love with her, promptly asking Trump to make her their stepmother.

With the presidential election just months away and Trump on the Republican ticket, the couple has been getting more media coverage than ever before. If Trump manages to get elected, Melania will become the first first lady in history that has posed nude for a photoshoot. That said, Melania embraces her modelling past, saying that she will be different than any of the other first ladies, should Trump get elected – ”we are in the 21st century. I will be me.”