I have terrible instincts: Melissa McCarthy


Melissa McCarthy has been making some serious waves in the entertainment industry for nearly 20 years. Her career began with a very minor role on the NBC comedy series Jenny. Two years later, she made a film debut with the 1999 comedy film called Go. Since then, McCarthy continued to get gigs here and there but her career didn’t really take off until she landed a role on the Gilmore Girls, and later a lead on the CBS sitcom, Mike and Molly. Most recently, Melissa starred alongside Kristen Wiig and Kate McKinnon in the 2016 reboot of Ghostbusters.

McCarthy’s career history earned her high praise mainly as a comedian, but what many don’t know is that she is also a super fan of action stunts. Since the very start of her acting career, McCarthy attempted to do all of her own stunts while on set. Despite that, the actress says that she (surprisingly) has terrible instincts, jokingly adding that she always tries to hurt herself. “I’m always like ‘I should do that’, ‘I should take that thirty-three story fall,” she laughs when asked about her stunt work.

While filming Spy, an action comedy where Melissa did most of her own stunts, she sustained a number of minor injuries. “I was covered in bruises and weird pulled muscles,” she said in a People Magazine interview early last year. That said, she cherishes every opportunity to perform, and likes to joke about her mishaps. “My worst fall, sadly, was walking to a massage,” she laughed.


Funny enough, the actress decided that it would be a good idea to get a rub down after sustaining a few muscle strains. While she was walking to her appointment, she slipped on the marble around the pool area, causing her to wipe out pretty hard. She sustained a fairly serious back injury during the fall, and the actress reports that it took her nearly a week to start walking properly again. The director, Paul Feig, saw the whole thing, and says that the first thing that popped into his head was, “we’re f–cked!” Luckily, Melissa is a total trooper, and she was back in business in less than a week, continuing with her own stunts.

Since Spy, Melissa seems to have gotten much better at not hurting herself, and although injuries still happen, they are far more minor. When asked if she underwent any special training for her stunts in Ghostbusters, she explained that practice and training were central to keeping everyone safe and unharmed on set.

Despite taking several tumbles over the course of filming, Melissa is a good sport about it. She doesn’t seem to have any regrets, and says that the end result is well worth the scrapes and bumps – “when you pull it off and then you watch it afterwards, that’s why, for the next one, you go, ‘yeah, I should do that.’” Luckily, none of her set injuries were very severe, so we hope that Melissa is able to continue entertaining the masses with her quirky personality and comedic flare for many years to come.