Keeping Up With the Kardashians: What Was Scripted What Was Real


Keeping Up with the Kardashians is easily one of the most popular reality TV shows ever created. A lot of the show’s popularity can be attributed to the fact that the Kardashians are a very high profile family, and the rest can be credited to the entertaining drama that seems to surround them. Despite their impressive viewership numbers, a lot of blogs have been referring to the Kardashians as the “fakest family on TV,” and this article will attempt to show you why.

While no one genuinely believes that reality TV is an accurate representation of real life, some shows like to bend the truth more than others. And when it comes to misleading their viewers, Keeping Up with the Kardashians is among the top offenders.

Since the very first season of the show, there have been many posts and videos debunking some parts of the story arc that just didn’t add up. For starters, the home shown on the episodes isn’t even their real house. When confronted, Kim K claimed that it was for “security purposes,” and with them being a high profile family with a lot of media coverage, we’re going to let this one slide.


That said, there is a whole lot more that just doesn’t make any sense. For example, there have been scenes with Kim K wearing an engagement ring before Kanye actually popped the question. The only explanation for this, is that scenes are rearranged in production, and edited together in a way that makes the episode more entertaining instead of the order that they’ve occurred in. This might not seem like a big deal considering reality shows do this all the time, but Keeping Up with The Kardashians takes it further than most. During a deposition of the show’s producer, evidence of tampering with Kris Humphries’ on screen character was put forward. According to the producers’ testimony, at least two scenes were “scripted, reshot or edited,” to paint Kris as more of a villain.

Although there have been many scripted scenes, one that might surprise you the most is one with Kris holding a little baby (meant to be Kim’s daughter North). Later is was revealed that the baby was just a random stand in. A lot of other scandals and fights are scripted too, the big “meltdown” that Kim suffered after her mom and sister covered her house in toilet paper was also apparently planned, and played out for higher viewership.

Not everything on the show is fake, though. Take the scandal between Bruce (now Caitlyn) Jenner and Kris Kardashian, for example. When the two split up, the producers of the show were desperate for an on screen reunion, but Jenner wouldn’t budge – completely refusing to do the shot.

If you’re a fan of the show, don’t be disappointed to find out that a lot of what you see has been manipulated to make you feel a certain way for some of the characters. Simply take the show for what it is, and continue to enjoy it for its entertainment value.