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10 Times Justin Bieber Took Douchebaggery To A Whole New Level

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I’ve always heard that Canadians are the nicest people in the world. There’s truth to that because one of my cats, Peaches, is from Canada and she’s just a little sweetheart. Peaches is extra cuddly and very good with her kitty siblings, but I’ve noticed that she gets a bit nervous whenever she hears or sees Justin Bieber. This is why I’ve made a conclusion that he’s probably just faking that he’s Canadian because he certainly doesn’t act like one!

Don’t get me wrong; I think the Bieb’s is a handsome boy with a lot of talent and potential in him. However, with the way he’s been acting lately, it’s like he needs to be sent to Bible Camp for fifteen summers—that is how appalled I am. Sure, everyone has a rebellious phase where they act out and do unspeakable things, but Justin Bieber has done so many of these things that my reaction has went from, “Well, poor boy just wants to fit in!” to “Does your mother know what you’re doing with your life?”

If you ask Justin Bieber’s fans if there’s justifiable reasons behind his bad behavior, they’ll come up will millions to support him. He’s a god to these teenage girls, and it’s only a matter of time until the Bieb’s decides to turn them into an army of assassins. Well, the Old Cat Lady is here to serve some truth to these young girls—I’m laying down the 10 Times Justin Bieber Took Douchebaggery To a Whole New Level. But fear not, I think this boy still has some hope left in him.


Stripped On National TV

Stripped On National TVLast year, sometime in September, I was busy watching “Fashion Rocks” on CBS. I was forced to watch it live because one of the cats had an “accident” all over the DVR and none of them owned up to it. So anyway, I was enjoying the whole show when suddenly, Justin Bieber appeared and started stripping down to his tighty-whities. I almost broke a hip trying to shield my cats’ eyes. I have three underage kittens that shouldn’t be seeing that, you know!

I know he has an amazing body, but who does he think he is? Someone from Magic Mike? There were some screaming girls in the audience, but of course, the majority of the crowd was booing him. Who wouldn’t boo someone who only feels comfortable in his Calvins? Even my cats won’t do acts like that in public.

Took A Girl’s Cellphone Without Her Permission

    by -

    Took A Girl’s Cellphone Without Her PermissionI always tell my cats to never do anything that they don’t want to be covered negatively in the media. I don’t think Justin got the memo about that. He acted like a preschooler when he accused a girl of taking photos of him in a little scuffle at Sherman Oaks Castle Park.

    Accusing is usually normal for those who are paranoid, like high people. However, Justin went too far because he forcibly took the girl’s cellphone from her purse, resulting in him being investigated for attempted robbery.

    You may have a million girls screaming for you, buddy—but you don’t mess with a girl’s cellphone, especially if she doesn’t care about you. I know I would go to the media if my cellphone got taken from me. You’re definitely on thin ice, Justin Drew Bieber!

    Crashed Into A Van, Physically Assaulted The Other Party

      by -

      Crashed Into A VanAny dude who decides it’s cool to show off in an ATV is bad news. But seeing Justin Bieber riding an ATV? Well, that’s bound to end in trouble.

      In August 2014, Bieber was cruising on an ATV with his girlfriend at the time, Selena Gomez, in Ontario when he lost control and crashed into a mini-van. Now, normal and rational people would exchange insurance information and try to settle it in the most peaceful way possible. Is the Bieb’s normal and rational? No. So he decided to settle things by getting into a physical altercation with the minivan’s driver. What happened? Well, he got arrested and charged with dangerous driving and assault. This little boy blamed the accident on the paparazzi that were following them.

      Well, were the paparazzi involved when you decided to punch the driver of the mini-van?

      Cut Lines At Disneyland By Sitting On A Wheelchair

        by -

        Cut-Lines-At-Disneyland-By-Sitting-On-A-WheelchairI’m at an advanced age. When I go on trips, people are usually kind enough to let me go ahead to the front of the line. However, when I see someone in a wheelchair, or walking with crutches, I let them go ahead of me because they deserve the convenience.

        However, if the person in the wheelchair was Justin Bieber, I would refuse to budge from my position in line. Last summer, he was pushed around in a wheelchair by his posse in Disneyland. Disneyland is famous for their ultra-long line ups for rides, but has a priority line for disabled guests. People have tried to take advantage of this privilege for so long, but Justin Bieber was the most famous person to do this shameful act.

        Well, looks like I’ll be sending my cats after Justin to show him what a real “accidental” leg injury looks and feels like.

        Said Racist Stuff

          by -

          Said Racist StuffSeriously, how is this boy still famous?!

          Sure, the Bieb’s was just 14 years old when a video of him singing racist sentiments surfaced, but was he not aware that racism is very, very frowned upon? Did he live under a rock while he was touring?

          “If I kill you, I’ll be part of the KKK, but there’ll be one less lonely n****r,”

          Does he think he’s tough when he sings about killing someone? If you think the KKK he’s pertaining to are Kourtney, Kim, and Khloe, well, you’re dead wrong. I know that they’re bad enough, but the real Ku Klux Klan is the worst thing to associate yourself with. Heck, he even tells jokes wherein his punch line involves the term, “n****r”. Even though he issued an apology for his actions, they were still questionable, to say the least.

          Smoked Weed With His Dad Inside An Airplane

            by -

            Smoked-Weed-With-His-Dad-Inside-An-AirplaneI have no problem with herb-based recreational drugs because my cats enjoy the occasional catnip. However, if you decide to hotbox (smoking weed inside an area without ventilation to “preserve” the smoke. Thank you, Mr. Jingles, for the definition—we may need to have a talk about your knowledge on drugs) a whole airplane, then you’re totally messed up.

            Now we know where Justin gets it—he was with his dad when he hot-boxed a private jet. The pilots were compelled to wear oxygen masks for safety measures and to save themselves from failing their drug tests for their careers. The Bieber Boys also decided that it was a great idea to harass and abuse a female flight attendant.

            What a way to bond with your son, Mr. Jeremy Bieber. You should definitely stop pro-creating, sir.

            Went Drag Racing Under The Influence

              by -

              Went-Drag-Racing-Under-The-InfluenceIn January 2014, the inevitable happened to Justin Bieber. He was arrested for drag racing his Lamborghini in the streets of Miami and was put into jail under suspicion of driving under the influence. The Bieb’s admitted that he had been smoking weed, drinking alcohol, and top it all off, he had some prescription drugs for dessert!

              The surprising thing is, his bail was only $2,500—basically just pocket change for this boy. Bieber also looked really smug and proud of himself in his mug shot.

              “The Fast and the Furious” only looks cool in films, and mainly because the actors are old enough to have their own licenses. What’s wrong with you Justin? And to think, my cats actually liked you and your music when you were first starting out. For shame, Justin! For shame!

              Egged His Neighbor’s House

                by -

                Egged-His-Neighbors-HouseI’m quite familiar with the concept of egging because it’s a prank that’s totally wasteful. Why use eggs for seeking revenge when you can make cookies instead, right?

                However, if you’re Justin Bieber—you won’t stop with the egging until you’ve been charged with vandalism and accumulated $80,900 worth of damages to your neighbor’s house. Add to that some required anger management lessons and community service.

                So why did he egg his neighbor’s house? Well, apparently, he had a spat with this neighbor and couldn’t sleep until he got his revenge. Very mature move on your part, Mr. Famous.

                Try egging my house, mister, and I will make damn sure that I’ll send out my kitty army to maul you in your sleep. Once the yolk dries on your outside walls, you’re totally screwed. There’s no easy way of getting it out and you have to spend time and money on getting your walls repainted.

                Spit On His Neighbor’s Face

                  by -

                  Spit-On-His-Neighbors-FaceJustin really, really hates his neighbors in Calabasas— so much so, that he chooses to drive recklessly and endanger almost everyone. One of his neighbor’s is a 47-year old father of three, who had no choice but to yell at the Bieb’s to drive more carefully. Justin’s mature response? He spit on his neighbor’s face and said, “I’m gonna f**king kill you.”

                  I get why the neighbor got mad. If somebody were driving like Justin Bieber in my neighborhood, I would do the same thing. I’m trying to keep the streets safe for my cats because god forbid some idiot runs over them.

                  Who test-drives a Ferrari at 100mph inside a gated community anyways? Those babies are only meant for racetracks and open areas where there are no kids or pets playing peacefully.

                  Abandoned His Pet

                  by -

                  Abandoned-His-PetOf course, the pièce de résistance of all the horrible things that Justin has done: abandoned an innocent animal.

                  Back in 2013, he went to Germany and acquired a cute little Capuchin monkey named OG Mally. When it was time for him to return to the United States, the genius pop star seemingly forgot to bring the required paperwork for OG Mally. German officials decided to confiscate the monkey and put him in a shelter, giving Justin four weeks to submit the requirements before they give him back OG Mally.

                  So did he get the monkey back? Well, nope. He just asked someone from his management to email the shelter and inform them that he no longer wants OG Mally back.

                  Justin, why won’t you behave and be a good boy? Grandma Cat Lady and the kitties will be nice to you if you clean up your act, son!

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