Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr


    Orlando-Bloom-Miranda-KerrOf course, who wouldn’t know who Orlando Bloom is? He’s a total hunk that has portrayed a lot of handsome heroes. He only made things better by marrying a supermodel, Miranda Kerr.

    After six years of being together (3 of which they spent as husband and wife), Miranda and Orlando announced that they were separating. The holy union of a Victoria’s Secret Angel and Legolas came to a close after reports of Orlando turning into a different person when he gets drunk.

    Orlando reportedly punched Justin Bieber, after the pop star made a move on Miranda. I guess that’s Orlando’s way of subliminally telling Miranda that he still has feelings for her, no? Well, I don’t see them reconciling anytime soon, as Miranda’s currently being linked to Tom Cruise—which might provide us with another Scientology-fueled separation in the future.