Ouch! 10 Celebs That Wiped Out in Epic Fashion


We can’t explain why, but there is nothing quite as entertaining as watching somebody else fall: it’s simply hilarious! Of course when someone else falls the first thing you have to do is check to see if they are alright, but then you can get right back to laughing at them uncontrollably. Even though people fall on a daily basis, it doesn’t seem to get any less funny; whether someone isn’t watching where they are going, their clothing snags on something pointy, or they simply have a hard time navigating ice and snow, a fall is sure to bring about a medley of positive emotions for everyone but the one who fell.

For most of us, falling isn’t the end of the world because there isn’t anyone around to see, but if you’re a celebrity, then not only will your act of negligence be seen by an audience, but by millions of people around the world. Even more embarrassing than taking a fall on live television is having to watch the recording several times over the next few months.

A ton of celebrities have had some epic wipeouts over the years, so it’s time that we take a trip down memory lane and remember our favorites. So which celebs have taken the biggest nose dives in history? Here are the top 10 celebrities that dropped so hard they had a season named after them.