Suggested Post – 10 Best Celebrity Pranks Of All Time


I love pranks. I got into so much trouble during my childhood because I pulled so many pranks on the people around me. My most memorable prank was when I climbed up a tree, pretending to be a cat. If it weren’t for my parents calling everyone in the town looking for me, I would’ve set a world record for being up there the longest.

Nowadays, I don’t pull any pranks. My cats do not appreciate it when you fool around. They’re very strict when it comes to that. So, I just read about celebrity pranks or watch them on YouTube (since Punk’d got cancelled.) Maybe I’ll borrow my neighbor’s dog one of these days and fool my cats into thinking that I’ve switched teams. Then again, they might kill me in my sleep if I do something as cruel as that!

These celebrity pranks have made me laugh or giggle uproariously for hours on end. Their antics humanize them in my eyes because hey, celebrities can be as childish as the rest of us—and mind you, some of their pranks are really, really creative. I’d like to see more all-out pranking wars between A-list celebrities, other than just Brad Pitt and George Clooney. Here are the 10 best celebrity pranks of all time.

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