Suggested Post – 10 Celebs Who Might Be Horrible People


The neighborhood kids know me as “that scary old cat lady up the street”. I’m mean and cranky before my morning coffee, but come on, I’m not rude 24/7— I’m nice to my kitties, you know. Anywho, because of that moniker, I’ve started to wonder about the celebrities that are known for being rude to the people around them. That’s right, not “diva-ish”, I’m talking downright rude or disrespectful with no regard for other people’s feelings.

I was born in a different time, back then, smacking kids tushies or washing their mouths out with soap were normal ways to discipline them for being bad. Nowadays, all you have to do is give a kid the stink eye for kicking your cat and an hour later, a cop will come knocking on your door. Also, smacking tushies has a whole new meaning thanks to a certain novel turned movie. It’s a different world, and I think it’s because children mimic the way celebrities act. Bring back the niceness, people!

Here are 10 celebs who, based on their actions, might be horrible people. Or maybe even, “10 celebs who weren’t disciplined enough as children.”

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