Suggested Post – 10 Celebs That Were Obese As Children


Why does it seem like those that were overweight in school end up being thin adults, and the thin kids end up being overweight? Alright, so it’s not a given that both of them will happen, but it seems to happen a strange amount. You’ve seen that kid from school who ended up being the fitness buff, or the ex-jock that ended up being a couch potato, it’s a part of life.

Even celebrities have had weight transformations from when they were growing up, and they tend to be pretty drastic thanks to teams of makeup artists and fashion designers to help them look even more fabulous after losing weight. Some kids just grow into their bodies, and celebrities are no exception. Others have dedicated themselves to losing weight and making a new name for themselves, becoming famous in the process.

But which celebrities were beyond just a little chubby when they were growing up and were obese? Some of these names might surprise you since they are incredibly thin now, but they had to start from a much higher weight to get there than most kids did. Here are 10 celebrities that were obese as children, but have dramatically altered their appearance to make a living as actors, fitness models and more.

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