Suggested Post – 10 Super Awkward Celebrity Photos


Because of the technology nowadays, it’s impossible to get rid of any traces of your presence on the internet. One minute you’re taking selfies and “accidentally” send a hilarious shot to someone, and the next minute, your face is plastered all over social networking sites. This is why I tell my cats to think before they snap that pic. They’re so active on Instagram and Snapchat—I’m scared that they might send out something that they shouldn’t. Some of the cats are barely out of kitten-hood! I’d probably die of a heart attack if someone stalks them and takes photos of them during their “ugly” days. I spend a lot of money on them to look fabulous.

People are a bit desensitized now when it comes to nude photos, so they instead go crazy when a celebrity gets photographed making a weird face. It’s so uncommon for Hollywood people to be less than perfect, that’s why we all eat it up when they look awkward.

Here are 10 super awkward photos of celebs that they probably want to banish forever.

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