Suggested Post – 10 Worst Celebrity Social Media Screw-Ups


Once something makes it’s way to the Internet, it never really disappears. With the advent of technology, people are finding ways of preserving everything permanently. I’m so happy that I was born in a different generation. You won’t be seeing any embarrassing childhood photos or “accidentally” leaked nude photos of me—however, you can expect those photos from my cats. They’re very liberated individuals. I’m just praying that one of them becomes the next Kim Kardashian. I’d love it if the kitties and me got a reality show because of their (sometimes questionable) antics. We’ll call it “Keeping Up With The Kat Lady”.

Social media is the greatest form of entertainment and promotion nowadays. I always make sure that I’m up-to-date on my friends’ and cats’ posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Snapchat, and Tumblr. Just because I’m an old lady, doesn’t mean I am not tech savvy. Celebrities also use these means to reach out to their fans (I may or may have not exchanged flirtatious photographs with James Franco on Instagram teehee *wink*) and promote their projects. And as you can expect, some of these celebrities also used these to say or post stupid stuff.

These 10 famous people met their match (or you know, droves of haters) because of something that they posted or did on their social media accounts. They’re the greatest examples of what not to do on the Internet.

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