Suggested Post – 12 Weirdest Celebrity Couples Of All Time


I like reading about news of celebrities dating other celebrities, especially if it’s a peculiar match. It’s my guilty pleasure. I myself am no stranger to peculiar pairings. I once dated a man who was a dog person. Imagine that! Me! A cat lady dating someone who preferred dogs! Oh, but that was so long ago. My next paramour was a lion-tamer. He liked big cats. You’d think it was a match made in heaven, but he judged my kitties heavily for being weak and tiny. He got “mauled accidentally” the following week. Serves him right.

There are so many mismatched couples in Hollywood that it makes me clutch my pearls! If you think about it, celebrities like dating other celebrities because they can understand their jobs, even if they’re not really a good match. This is why people in Hollywood get divorced too much. I have cats because they’re always there for me. Sure, we’re total mismatches at times, but at least we don’t have to deal with the paparazzi (yet.)

I put together this sweet list of the 12 weirdest celebrity couples of all time. Maybe you will be like me and be reminded of when you dated your polar opposite!

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