Suggested Post – 8 Celebs That Are Battling Severe Illnesses


From the red carpet to the glaring lights of the silver screen, celebrities are often considered the epitome of perfection. With exquisite gowns of shimmering jewels and tailored suits to the latest relationship and baby gossip: celebrities are forever immersed in the spotlight as their fans long for details about their wealth, their love, their interests, and yes even their health.

Of course, celebrities are not as perfect as the media portrays them to be and suffer much of the same health problems that so many of us face in our daily lives. From heart and skin conditions to diabetes and epilepsy: celebrities are not immune to severe illnesses despite their best attempts to hide their suffering from the paparazzi and their fans. No one wants a group of cameras photographing the worst moments of their lives, especially not when it comes to being ill.

Which celebrities have been able to overcome severe illnesses to become beacons of success in not only their industry, but in their health as well? There are quite a few more than you might imagine, but we have selected eight celebrities battling severe illnesses who are true inspirations for strength and courage. They face the realities of their illnesses on a daily basis: despite symptoms and side effects, they put forth their greatest effort.

Which celebrities have severe illnesses and what are they? Let’s start our list with America’s most decorated Olympian.

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