The Cast of Star Wars Then and Now


“Star Wars” is a series of films that have defined entire generations, and pushed the limits of what special effects and storytelling could achieve on the big screen; when George Lucas set out to make the films initially, nobody had any clue the movies would become as big as they did, but the success of the Star Wars name propelled more acting careers than almost any other movie ever made: Lucas intentionally cast people with limited experience, and as a result he created an authentic and fresh experience for cheap, and made ridiculous amount of money in the process.

The first Star Wars movie premiered in 1977, which is bound to make a few of us feel particularly old; it’s odd to think that a decent portion of the original cast, who at one point made us feel like mystified kids in the theatre, has already passed away from old age. But whatever happened to the Star Wars actors who once blew us away in the theatres forty years ago, and what are they up to now? Here are the top 10 actors who made it big, and got their start a long time ago in a galaxy far far away.