Took A Girl’s Cellphone Without Her Permission


    Took A Girl’s Cellphone Without Her PermissionI always tell my cats to never do anything that they don’t want to be covered negatively in the media. I don’t think Justin got the memo about that. He acted like a preschooler when he accused a girl of taking photos of him in a little scuffle at Sherman Oaks Castle Park.

    Accusing is usually normal for those who are paranoid, like high people. However, Justin went too far because he forcibly took the girl’s cellphone from her purse, resulting in him being investigated for attempted robbery.

    You may have a million girls screaming for you, buddy—but you don’t mess with a girl’s cellphone, especially if she doesn’t care about you. I know I would go to the media if my cellphone got taken from me. You’re definitely on thin ice, Justin Drew Bieber!