Top 20 Most Hilarious Landmarks in the World


Pack your bags, grab your passport and let’s get going – it’s time for an adventure! Traveling around the world whether overseas or right here in America’s backyard, there are countless opportunities to have new experiences, see incredible sights and meet amazing people. In fact, think for a moment about the places you would most like to visit. Are they landmarks or popular destinations? If so, you’re not alone!

If you’re willing to think outside the box, though, you might just discover a few landmarks along the way that are truly unusual, ridiculous and downright hilarious. While there are a few landmarks overseas that are quite unique, the United States has dominated the market when it comes to weird and wacky landmarks that have been attracting tourists for years! Don’t believe us?

From billboards and highway signs promoting “The World’s Largest…”, we traveled around the world to find 20 of the most hilarious landmarks you’ve ever seen. What are they and where did we find them? Join us for an epic adventure of weird, wacky, silly and fun as we start in Prague and make our way back to the United States visiting everything from ears of corn and gargantuan peaches to unlucky horses and a gigantic Paul Bunyan. Let’s get started!