Whoops! 12 Hilarious Wedding Fails


Listen closely. Do you hear them? Yes, those are summer wedding bells ringing faintly in the distance. It’s that time of year again as your friends and family members decide to tie the knot in ever-popular summer weddings. From lace tablecloths to endless candles and RSVPs, say goodbye to plans of summer beach vacations as you’re attendance has been requested to share in the joy of the bride and groom.

Despite losing a few days of vacation time, weddings can be a lot of fun especially when things don’t go quite according to plan. Most wedding blunders often go unnoticed but, thanks to modern technology, camera phones are usually at the ready to capture even the smallest moments. Of course, most outrageous photos you see from weddings come from overly intoxicated family members who hit the dance floor too hard (no, Uncle Ted, your version of the lawnmower isn’t hip today!).

Needless to say, odd moments are actually fairly common at weddings but, we’ve decided to step it up a notch and share some incredibly WTF wedding moments! Never fear as the internet is here to record every event and to show people at their absolute worst! If you ever wanted to know how the best day of your life could become the worst, check out these 12 hilarious wedding fail photos!