Wow! 50 Former Child Stars You’d Never Recognize


From learning your ABCs on the set to spending hours with a tutor after filming, the life of a child star can be pretty rough not only in the midst of success but long after retirement. Hollywood is filled with horror stories of child stars who lost their way as a result of the pressures of being in the spotlight at such formative ages. On the other hand, there are dozens of other child stars who have somehow managed to hold onto their celebrity status and have been working regularly as A-listers ever since their youth. Of course, these stars are the exception.

While most of these stories fall into the extremes of complete failures to those who find even bigger success as adults, some child actors simply fade into obscurity as they lose the luster of their early stardom and are replaced by newer names and brighter faces. Forgotten by fans, the paparazzi and many others, some of these stars are never seen again while others emerge years later completely unrecognizable and sporting jaw-dropping comeback stories that resemble nothing of their early career. Aren’t you curious?

Who are these child stars who faded into oblivion and where are they now? From struggling actors and musicians to teachers, bestselling authors, directors and news anchors, let’s take a look at 50 former child stars you surely won’t recognize! Who will shock you and who could easily make a comeback in Hollywood today? Let’s get started with one of the most famous red-headed brats of the 1990s!