Wow! 50 Former Child Stars You’d Never Recognize


#50 – Haley Joel Osment

“I see dead people…” The second child actor to make his acting debut in Forrest Gump is Haley Joel Osment who landed the part of Forrest Gump’s son in the 1994 film. Making dozens of appearances throughout television and film for the next five years, it wasn’t until 1999 when Osment became a household name after starring opposite Bruce Willis in The Sixth Sense. Afterward, the young Osment stayed plenty busy with leading roles in hits like Secondhand Lions, A.I. Artificial Intelligence and Pay It Forward before the offers eventually slowed down.

No longer the adorable little kid he once was with the bright-eyed smile, Osment struggled to find leading roles and instead focused on expanding his talents by enrolling at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. Graduating in 2011 while continuing to work as a voice actor for the video game series Kingdom Hearts, Osment has returned to the silver screen in films such as Entourage and Me Him Her with upcoming projects like Yoga Hosers and Holding Patterns in post-production. Will he make an even bigger comeback as a former child star turned into Hollywood A-lister? Only time will tell…